The most curious products of Star Wars

The most curious products of Star Wars

May 4 is known to fans as Star Wars Day. Also, on the 40th anniversary of the release of the first film, this year will undoubtedly be a cause for celebration. The fans of the galactic saga have always been characterized as great consumers of merchandising . Dolls, special editions, replicas of laser swords ... there is everything. But when we say everything, we mean literally everything.

The obsession with the characters created by George Luces sometimes reaches exaggerated extremes. We are not going to say that any of these products that we are going to offer you now are not strictly necessary, but you definitely have to have a lot of love for Star Wars to buy them .

Cereals and cookies

We start with energy, like breakfast. And it is that nothing puts more batteries than a little degreasing oil seasoned with metal particles. Well, we don't really know what the real C3PO robot would have for breakfast, but in these Kellog's cereals they have assumed that a few corn flakes with honey might do the trick . What do you think? Galactically tasty?

star wars cereal

We continue with food, and it is that the world of Star Wars is not closed to any sector. In this case, we have two cookbooks with the franchise logo. The first is the galactic recipes of Darth Malt, the Sith apprentice that appears in The Phantom Menace , and the second is Chewbacca cookie recipes. What will be inside? Only the stars know.

star wars cookbook

We once again have C3PO to show you this curious cellophane roll holder. It doesn't seem very convenient to transport or store, but we imagine it will do its job well. The only worrying thing about this product is the face of C3PO . It seems that every time we remove a piece of tape ... it hurts.

c3po zeal


We go into fashion. The jean bowtie or Bolo Tie is one of those essential accessories in the wardrobe of any fan of the country aesthetic. However, one hobby is not incompatible with others. This edition with the face of Darth Vader will leave all your rodeo friends with their mouths open . You can hide behind the fact that you were always more of Cowboys versus Aliens.

darth vader bowtie

We are still fashionable, in a sense. What we present to you now is a Star Wars adult diaper . The adult diaper is a product that few would want to brag about wearing. However, things can change if in your diaper you have images of empire fighters and the Millennium Falcon. Everyone then will want to wear one. Or maybe not?

star wars adult diapers

We briefly take back the culinary world to show you this waffle warmer in the shape of the Death Star. Waffles are usually square in shape, but for this case, what the heck! What matters is the resulting figure, which we have to admit is quite successful . Now who's devouring whom, uh, Galactic Empire?

star wars waffle maker

You have to be well equipped for interstellar travel. And for ordinary air travel, too. That is why someone has come up with creating this suitcase with the face of Kylo Ren , the villain that appears in Dawn of the Force. It even has the red bar to remind us that it is a Sith warrior. It is that they think of everything.

For travel and leisure

kylo ren suitcase

We ended up in style. Who wouldn't want a complete fishing kit with Star Wars images ? We have the rod, the catcher and the briefcase to store the hooks and the animals that we use to attract the fish. With this kit, there will not be a fish in the galaxy that will escape you. May fishing be with you!

star wars fishing kit

This has been it. We hope that these products make you realize that there will always be someone more freaky from Star Wars than you .