Bose SoundDock 10, Digital01 Finalist for Best Sound Equipment

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Bose added to iPod or iPhone is for many an irresistible combination. The best of compressed sound combined with one of the best audiophile sound brands . These speakers SoundDock 10 from Bose are created to preferentially work with the products of Apple , and offers a compact sound , resounding, full of nuances. Nothing surprising in a brand that, despite some detractors, is undoubtedly characterized by good sound . The classic design should also be highlighted, elegant and minimalist, perfect to place on a table, a dresser or a side table, where it looks good.

On the front, this computer has a cradle to plug in Apple phones and media players  . But you don't even need to go to the trouble, because for a little extra you can buy a Bluetooth adapter , so that when you enter the room it is already possible to reproduce the sound of the phone directly through the speakers . You can tell that Bose was one of the first manufacturers to create speakers for apple players, more than seven years ago.

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As usual in products Bose , there are plenty of innovations , and solutions to problems in complex appearance, and is the intelligent application of technology that has attracted the attention of technology specialists who make up the jury for the awards digital01 this year. That's why they named the Bose SoundDock 10 , a finalist for the best sound equipment . One of the problems faced by the in-house engineers was getting quality sound out of such a compact device.

They have achieved this by designing new speakers , and creating a kind of labyrinth that the sound must go through before going outside. They call it a wave guide , and during the tour it creates a powerful sound with good bass. In fact, the subwoofer , created specifically for this device, is one of the main pieces of equipment. In addition, to maintain sound quality, unnecessary features such as a radio or alarm clock have been removed . In return, a high-quality input has been installed to be able to use other types of players.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the engineers have studied the apple players in detail, and have created a type of interchangeable connection architecture , so that if in the future Apple decided to change the collector, Bose would only have to market a small adapter to continue using this speaker system.