How to activate full control mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 God Mode

One of the big steps forward from Windows 10 has been the way in which the system settings are accessed. Unlike Windows 8, the settings are returned to one place through the start menu and control panel. Also, the new interface is cleaner and cleaner. However, it can still be difficult to find different specific options within the panel. For this, there is an advanced mode that brings us all the features of Windows 10 in one place. It is called "God Mode" or "GodMode", which we could already enjoy in Windows 7 and Windows 8. A method that can save us a lot of time and that will delight users who want a tighter control of the system.

As always in these cases, it is better to start with a warning. Some of the functions contained in this mode can significantly change the performance of the system , so it is recommended that we only change the values ​​and characteristics of which we are completely sure. To have the God Mode well located, it is best to create it directly through the desktop (although in practice we can have it anywhere on the computer). Inside the desktop, we click with the right mouse button and then on the "New" option . As we will see, the first option is to create a folder. We press on this option and we place ourselves on it to change its name.

God Mode in Windows 10

Here comes the fundamental point of this trick. In the name of the folder we must enter the following:  GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} where the "GodMode" part can be replaced with any term we like as long as it is followed by the period. For example, we can call this tool “Total Control”, “Luis's Power” or “In honor of my dog”, to put some silly terms. In short, the name that we like the most, since it will not change the final result. Once we have accepted we will see how the folder icon changes and the long sequence of letters and numbers disappears.

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All you have to do is click on it to access God Mode, which is nothing more than a folder with all the characteristics of the system arranged alphabetically in the different sections of the system. To make this tool easier to use, it can be very useful to use the search panel in the upper right corner of the window . Among the options that can be very useful we have, for example, the option of checking the different problems that the equipment has and finding the pertinent solutions. We also have another option to correct the flickering of the screen and prevent it from being annoying.

Another of the available options is to allow remote access to the computer, invite someone to connect to the PC to help correct a problem that we are experiencing or share printers in the household group. These are just some examples of the possibilities that this platform offers us.

Windows 10 God Mode