How to add a WhatsApp widget to the mobile lock screen

whatsapp widgets

It's been some time since traditional texting was replaced by WhatsApp . Today the application is the preferred medium for users around the world to send messages. It is fast, simple and in real time. What more could you want? If it is one of the apps you use the most, surely you would like to add a WhatsApp widget to the lock screen of your Android mobile . In this way, you will be able to know what is happening in your conversations without having to unlock the device.

If your mobile runs a stock version of Android or a ROM that allows you to have widgets on the lock screen, you can easily have one from WhatsApp . If your phone is still governed by Android 4.4 KitKat or has a ROM based on this version, you will only have to go to the Settings> Security section and activate the option to Enable Widgets. Then make your terminal lock and slide your finger sideways until you see an icon with the "+" symbol . Point to it and choose WhatsApp . From now on, every time you lock your mobile and it turns on, you will see how the WhatsApp widget is displayed. You will be able to see the latest messages without the double blue tick appearing.

whatsapp widgets

Unfortunately, Android 5.0 Lollipop removed the lock screen widgets and replaced them with pop-up notifications, so devices using this version will not be able to enjoy WhatsApp widgets . In the case of Samsung Galaxy devices that use Android 4.4, they will have to establish other types of parameters to add the widget to the lock screen. Still it is configured very easily. Go to Settings> Lock screen> Lock screen options, and turn on the option to enable them. You will be able to choose WhatsApp from the list of widgets for the lock screen.

You may run into some problems. One of the reasons could be because you are using a different version of Android than KitKat , that is, Android 5.0 onwards or Android 4.2 (or lower). In that case, if you want to have a specific widget for the lock screen, you can always use applications such as NiLS or WidgetLocker (available to download on Google Play ), although you will probably have to do without the clock. In the case of having a Samsung mobile, things get a bit complicated, since the manufacturer has its own widgetsthat cover diverse topics such as weather, social, email, etc. This means that there may not be one specific to WhatsApp .

First of all, remember that the lock screen is intended as a security element , so if you have conversations with relevant information, you should think about adding a widget to the lock screen. Keep in mind that anyone who takes your device can read them directly as soon as you turn it on, even if you have a password to access it.