Five App Store Problems and How to Fix Them

App store problems

If you are a regular user of iOS, it is possible that on more than one occasion you have encountered problems in the App Store , either when accessing the application store, finding new updates or even downloading the app you need . These are usually sporadic problems that are fixed quickly. Still, we have collected five of the most common and how to fix them.

1. App updates do not appear

Sometimes an update has already been released for an application, but it still does not appear in the App Store of your iPhone . Why does something like this happen? It can be due to two reasons. Apple's servers are not updated at the same time in all countries, so the updates do not arrive at the same time to all territories, the deployment is done gradually. Thus, if you still do not see the new update, it is best to wait a few hours and check again after that time. If it's been more than an hour or even a couple of days and the update still doesn't appear, there is a little trick you can try. Just tap on one of the tabs at the bottom about ten times. This will force theApp Store to restart. Normally after this the application updates are displayed correctly.

App store problems

2. The App Store is down

One of the biggest problems with the App Store is when it falls and we cannot access it. Usually this happens due to problems with the company's servers, and positively nothing happens more than a couple of times a year. However, it is always a good idea to check your iPhone's Internet connection and make sure, before blaming Apple , that the problem does not lie there.

3. Apps take a long time to download

I'm sure most users have experienced this problem: when they go to download a new application or update it seems like it takes forever. This typically happens over the internet connection you are connected to, so check it to make sure your connection is strong and fast enough . If you continue to have problems, what we recommend is that you restart the router and your mobile device, or, in the worst case, contact your Internet provider.

App store problems

4. Blank screen on the home page of the App Store

Some users have reported that when entering the App Store a blank page was displayed, thus preventing access to applications. If this happens to you, just log out of iTunes on your iPhone . To do this go to Settings> Application and iTunes Store , click on your ID from Apple and then select Quit .

5. You cannot find the application you are looking for

While this is not a technical error, this is certainly still a problem that many users run into in the App Store : they cannot find the correct application they are looking for. There are many clones, which prevents us from sometimes seeing the official apps. When searching, look at the name of the developer (it appears in gray just below the name of the application). Also make sure that it is the official developer. Usually, for applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the name of the developer is also the same as the name of the app.