▷ Is Oscaro reliable? 4 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why not

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The Oscaro group is probably the largest platform for the sale of spare parts and car parts in Europe. Its website is known both by workshops and by individuals. However, there are users who are unaware of the existence of Oscaro, much less the reliability of the website when making online payments, processing returns or buying spare parts. Is Oscaro Really Reliable? What opinions do users who buy through this portal have? We see it.

Four reasons why Oscaro is safe

Talking about Oscaro implies talking about the largest group of automotive parts in Europe , and therefore, Spain. With more than a million references in its product catalog, the website stands out for offering the largest number of spare parts in its warehouses. Let's look at some of the reasons why Oscaro is reliable.

Supports payments through PayPal

As we have mentioned many times, PayPal is the safest payment method on the Internet.

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In the event of a problem related to the status of the spare parts or shipping, PayPal will take care of the amount of the product in question if Oscaro does not respond to the problem as long as we provide the relevant evidence (images, video, screenshots etc).

All spare parts have a two-year warranty

If the product shows any type of failure or error during the first two years from the date of purchase, Oscaro will be responsible for this either through the repair of the spare in question or by replacing it according to the legal guarantee valid.

Like any other guarantee, Oscaro will not be liable for any failure that may have been caused by misuse of the part , natural wear and tear, modification of its structure, or poor maintenance or installation.

Supports the return of products without prior payment

As stipulated by current European legislation, Oscaro provides all its customers with a return period of two weeks (fourteen days) to return any product for whatever reason. Oscaro also ensures that no penalty will have to be paid when processing the return, so it is implied that the company assumes all expenses related to the shipment of the package to Oscaro's central office.

It has a customer service in Spanish

Although the origin of the website is French, Oscaro has a specific customer service for all customers who are in Spain without any additional charge.

The contact channels through which we can contact Oscaro are the following:

  • Oscaro phone number : 93 567 76 50 (available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. except holidays).
  • Oscaro email address : [email protected] (indicating the order reference number).

Three reasons why Oscaro is unreliable

Not all the forest is oregano, and even less if we talk about a group as large as Oscaro. Currently, many of the company's customers have voiced their criticisms of the store through pages such as Trust Pilot. Let's look at some of Oscaro's negative opinions.

Parts that do not correspond to the original orders

This is indicated by several dozen users. Apparently, there are many cases where the parts received do not correspond to the reference requested by customers in the original order, making their installation in the vehicles for which they are intended incompatible.

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Oscaro's opinion on Trust Pilot. 

As many users claim that the order in question arrives incomplete , with missing parts or that are not directly included in the receipt. They also ensure that some products that are advertised as "compatible" with the particular car or motorcycle model are not, causing some confusion when ordering by frame or chassis reference.

Excessive return costs

Although Oscaro specifies in its return policy that returning a product does not entail any additional charge, there are not a few customers who have reported that they have had to fully pay the shipping costs to Correos and other associated transport companies to return the product once The request has been made on the company's website.

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Oscaro's opinion on Trust Pilot.

Remember that the price of shipments depends entirely on the volume they occupy and the total weight of the package , which can trigger the final price of the shipment to the central office of the company.

Inefficient customer service

"Bad treatment by customer service", "They only look for excuses to justify that an order has not arrived for weeks", "When I open an incident they pass me from one operator to another and the problem is not resolved" ... These are some of the comments we can find in Trust Pilot about Oscaro's customer service. Other comments make clear the alleged ineffectiveness of the service when it comes to solving a problem or processing a return . It does not seem to be generalized, in any case.

So is Oscaro reliable or unreliable?

To claim that Oscaro is unreliable would be misleading . It is true that the group has some errors when it comes to processing orders or assisting the customer in after-sales service, although they are generally not common. I refer to the tests.

On Trust Pilot Oscaro it has a four-star rating and more than 46,000 reviews . In my personal shopping experience a few months ago I also had no problem when ordering a pair of headlights for a Peugeot 308. We can therefore deduce that buying at Oscaro is safe.

It is advisable, in any case, to always use PayPal as a payment method to keep our backs against any possible problem. It is also recommended to record the entire process of unpacking the original package to certify possible future problems.