5 healthy recipes that you can prepare with the new LG microwaves

5 healthy recipes that you can prepare with the new LG microwaves

The new LG Smart Inverter microwaves represent an evolution of the conventional microwave with which you can cook an infinity of dishes in a healthier, faster and easier way. Thanks to LG Smart Inverter technology they can defrost, heat and cook faster, more powerfully and more evenly. This new system allows cooking 1.6 times faster when using direct current with an uninterrupted flow of power. And this also translates into savings of up to 17% in electricity.

In other words, LG Smart Inverter microwaves are used for much more than just heating milk. Don't you think that a microwave can cook practically everything and in a healthy way? Well, we are going to show you by reviewing 5 healthy recipes that we can prepare using the new LG devices . Get ready to microcook with the LG Smart Inverter.

1. Steamed vegetables with salmon oriental style

With this recipe you will get a delicious salmon and vegetable dish in a few minutes. To achieve this, the first thing we will do is use the Steam Bowl and the steam function of the microwave. The Steam Chef accessory is a special dish that has a stainless steel lid that allows the boiling water that we put in the base to steam the dishes, thus being much healthier.

Using this interesting accessory and the steam function, we only have to cook the vegetables first and then add the salmon tacos. And voila, in a few minutes we have a healthy and nutritious dish.

2. Potatoes stuffed with tuna gratin

With the new LG Smart Inverter microwaves you can cook, defrost, bake, gratin and fry. The recipe that we propose first uses the roast function to cook the potatoes. Then the cooking function to prepare the vegetables. And finally, the grill function to gratinate the cheese.

And it is that the new LG microwaves are the only ones that have a charcoal grill . This equips a revolutionary carbon filament that gives off a strong infrared heat that penetrates food faster and deeper, achieving a crispy result on the outside juicy on the inside.

3. Pork ribs

Can you make a rack of pork in a microwave? Well, it seems that in the new LG Smart Inverter it is possible. The first thing to do is, if the rack is frozen, defrost it. Using Smart Inverter technology we can defrost food evenly, thus preventing it from cooking at the ends and remaining frozen inside.

Once the meat is defrosted we will have to use the roast function to cook it. This feature achieves a golden and crisp finish on the outside, while juicy on the inside . And all this while maintaining all the flavor and nutrients of the food.

4. Yogurt with dried fruit

We have commented that with the new LG microwaves we can cook, defrost, bake, gratin and fry. But, what would you say if we told you that you can also ferment to make yogurts? Yes, with the LG Smart Inverters we can even make yogurts .

To get a homemade yogurt with fruits we just have to pour a liter of milk into a jug, heat it and mix it with yogurt. Once this is done, we will use the microwave oven with slow cooking. And it is that with the new LG Smart Inverter we can regulate the cooking power precisely .

5. Prawn pizza with pesto cherry tomatoes

Do you want to make your own pizza with dough and everything? In the new LG Smart Inverter microwaves it is possible. Once we have kneaded the dough, we will use the "Slow cook" function for 40 minutes to ferment the dough and leave it ready for use.

After fermentation, we only need to give it a round shape and place it on the crispy tray. But what exactly is this? The Crispy plate makes it possible to grill and fry food in a healthy and tasty way .

Once placed on the Crispy tray, we add the ingredients and use the broil and bake function to cook the pizza. And voila! In a few minutes we have a totally homemade pizza ready.

5 healthy recipes that you can prepare with the new LG cleaning microwaves

And once the dish is finished we can clean the microwave easily and quickly. The LG Smart Inverters have an internal EasyClean Antibacterial coating , which is twice as easy to clean and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria.

These 5 recipes are just a small example of everything that can be cooked with the new LG Smart Inverter microwaves. On the Microcooking with LG website you can find many more recipes to make the most of these microwaves.