▷ 14 alternatives to DivxTotal to download new releases and torrent music

best alternatives divxtotal premieres torrent movies

DivxTotal, one of the main torrent file download portals in Spain, has been blocked by a large part of the telephone companies for breaching current regulations on Copyright. Although it is currently possible to access the website of Torrent premieres, movies and music , the truth is that its total blocking is closer than ever, which is why we are forced to resort to alternative pages to DivxTotal to download Torrent files from uTorrent. Today we have made a compilation of fourteen alternatives to DivxTotal releases to download movies, music and PC games .

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

If what we want to see are the latest releases of the billboard in their original version, Popcorn Time is the best application to download Torrent movies .

It is not a web page, but a downloadable application whose operation is more similar to Netflix and HBO than to DivxTotal . We will only have to select the movie in question and it will automatically begin to be broadcast via streaming through a P2P Torrent network.

Unfortunately, the majority of films are in English , although all have Spanish subtitles. Best of all, practically all releases are in HD and Full HD quality.

Elite Torrent


One of the pages to download premieres and best-known films in Spain . Although it is currently blocked in a large number of telephone operators, we can access it through proxies and third-party VPN applications.

Regarding the content of the web, it is very similar to that of DivxTotal . It has one of the largest catalogs of premieres and films in Spanish, and most of the content is either in Spanish or with subtitles.

The best thing about Elite Torrent is that we hardly have any intensive ads , which makes it easy not only to navigate, but also to download files.

The pirate bay

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The largest torrent download portal on the Internet in 2019. Not only because it has the largest catalog of Torrent movies, but also because it has a large number of files related to music discs, operating systems, PC games and programs of various types.

Since the web is blocked in a large number of countries today, we will have to make use of the proxies that the web has public on its official portal . Today we can access through the following addresses:

  • //piratebay.tel
  • //unblocktheship.org
  • //thepiratebay.kiwi
  • //bayception.pw
  • //tpb247.top

Of course, we will have to pay attention to false download buttons , as they can download malicious software, as well as malware .

Kickass Torrent

kickass torrent

Along with ThePirateBays, the largest movie and premiere download page on the net . The best of all is that its catalog is not limited only and exclusively to films like DivxTotal. We can find music, computer games, operating systems and a long etcetera.

Like The Pirate Bay, we will have to resort to proxies to enter Kickass Torrent . Currently the web has the following web addresses public:

  • //katcr.co
  • //kat.sx
  • //kat.am
  • //kickasstorrents.pw
  • //kickasstorrent.cr
  • //kickass.cm

Best Torrent

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Page very similar to DivxTotal for movie premieres in Castilian Spanish and Latin Spanish. Although its catalog is not as extensive as the latter, we can find titles that range from the latest releases of the 2019 billboard to older films .

Since it currently suffers a national blockade, we will have to resort to the only address that the web has public, although it is not ruled out that it will suffer a new blockage during the following weeks. The address in question is the following:

  • //mejortorrent.tv


nyaa 23

At present it is proclaimed as the best page to watch anime and series and films of Japanese, Chinese and South Korean origin .

By focusing its content on doramas (Japanese novels) and productions of oriental origin, we can not find premiere films of more popular genres. The good thing is that, unlike other similar portals, the web has all the movies with subtitles in different languages ​​and at the highest possible quality (HD and Full HD) . And yes, we can find movies in Castilian and Latin Spanish, both subtitled and spoken.



A little-known website that currently has one of the most extensive catalogs of films, short films and feature films .

The best thing about YTS is that it has several download options that allow us to download the same movie in different qualities. BluRay at 1080p DVD at 720p, WEB at 1080p… Of course, we will have to be careful when clicking on the download buttons, as it is likely that we will find pop-ups and ads of dubious origin.

From the website itself, they warn that the best way to download files is to use a VPN application , although it is accessible from any browser (for now).

Torrent paradise


Although its content is focused on a multitude of categories (PC games, music, 2019 releases), we can find a multitude of movies and television series to download via Torrent .

With an interface similar to that of Kickass Torrent and a somewhat smaller catalog than this, it hardly has any inserted ads , which makes it easier to navigate and download Torrent files.

Of course, it has movies in Castilian, in Latin Spanish and in original version with Spanish subtitles .

Best alternative pages to DivxTotal to watch premieres and movies in Spanish and Latin online

apk megadede android download

If we prefer to opt for pages to watch movies online without downloading torrent files, we can resort to a multitude of web pages in Spanish to see online premieres.

Currently the best known are the following:

  • Megadede
  • Repelis Plus
  • DixMax
  • SeriesWhite
  • Pelispedia
  • Vidcorn