How to prevent the laptop from turning off when closing the lid


The laptops have become a working tool essential in recent times, as important and as the desktop. But as with the rest of technological tools we run the risk that, without a good custom configuration, we can, among other things, have incidents such as losing data and / or work that we have not saved. One of the most classic situations of this type is to lose the unsaved work when closing the lid of the laptop since it is turned off by default. When you close the laptop lid, Windows may shut down, take no action, or enter a power-saving state, such as sleep or hibernation.. This option can be changed and today we show you how to prevent the laptop from turning off or hibernating when closing the lid . This tutorial can be applied to any version of Windows , from XP to Windows 10. 

The first thing we will do is go to the start button and in the search option we write “options”, which will take us to the “power options” . Another way to get to the power options through the desktop battery charge icon , we click on it and go to the "more power options" option that will send us to the same window.

5469724079_72d7d55c33_zWithin the energy options there will be several to choose from on the left side of the screen, from all of them we select "choose the behavior of the lid closure" and click on "Change plan settings" , depending on the plan you are using. Then we click on "Change advanced power settings".5470406518_1552474f16_z This option will take us to the screen to define the power buttons and activate the password protection in which they show us two options: the first, what do you want the laptop to do when the lid is closed and it is not connected to the electrical network, that is, when it is working with the battery and the second, how it will behave when the lid is closed while connected to the electrical network. 5470406622_098f601685_zWe select the power plan that we want to customize through "change advanced power settings" and customize it. Once here we have to look for the section “power buttons and cover” and select “Action when closing the cover”> “With battery> Do nothing” as in “With alternating current> Do nothing”. We accept and that's it. From this moment on, your laptop will stay on even if you close the lid. 5470406746_7210e113d7_zIn addition to this option that we have shown you,You can configure the battery performance through this section of "battery options" for I am your laptop can, for example render much longer without connecting to the network . As a suggestion to save battery power and resume work quickly, we recommend having the Suspend option activated . The suspension is a state of energy saving that allows your computer to quickly resume full - power operation (typically within several seconds on) when you want to start working again.