How to get the 2017 Income reference number

Here we explain how to get the data from box 475 for the 2018 Income

How to get the 2017 Income reference number


If you are looking for information on how to get the information in box 475 for the 2018 Income Statement, we will tell you how to do it. All you will need is your return from last year, that is, the 2017 Income Tax that you filed in 2018. The information is on page 5.

If you do not have the declaration at hand on paper, you can try to find it in PDF format on your computer or email, because surely when you made it you downloaded it to your computer or the manager, if you needed help, they sent it to you electronically.

If you still do not have it, you should know that you will not be able to access the download of the document through the internet if you do not have the reference number. Remember that you can still use the one from last year, both through the application and from the Tax Agency portal.

If you access from the app, click on Ren0 (Reference management)> View reference. If you access from the browser, it usually stores the password and in that case, you will no longer need to get a new reference number to see the tax data. All you have to do is keep using the code from the previous year.

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This same week we told you that the Tax Agency had presented a new application for the 2017 Income declaration. It is a tool that is already available to all taxpayers, although the only thing they can do with it is to get the reference number de la Renta 2017 and download the draft.

Thus, despite the fact that the document is available from March 15 , the declaration may not be submitted until April 4. Date on which the term to send the declarations to the Tax Agency begins. And that will end on July 2. A little later than in previous years.

The reference number that you can obtain through this application is the one that will serve you to present the return. But also to do all the procedures related to this 2017 Income campaign . This involves downloading the draft and checking the tax data. But also to receive notifications about the status of the processing and receive alerts when changes occur. As for example, when they enter the return (if you have been that lucky).

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Get the reference number of Income 2017 step by step

If you want to start with the procedures for the 2017 Income Statement , you can do it now. At least you can get the reference number. And access the draft. In this way, you will have at hand all the data that the Tax Agency has about you and start working on the presentation. It is a good formula to have everything ready on April 4.

1. To begin, download the application from the Tax Agency . You have it available for both iOS and Android. Logically, the app is free and does not weigh too much. In a few seconds you will have it installed on your phone.

2. As soon as you access, the application will offer you the possibility to access by identifying yourself or without identifying yourself. This second option is valid if you want to see a little how the application is. But if you want to start with the procedures, you will need to identify yourself. Click on Identify me.

3. You can do it in three different ways. With Reference, with Cl @ ve PIN or with electronic Certificate . All the options are valid, but it is clear that the first is one of the fastest and easiest to use.

4. Click With reference> Get new reference with tax data and identify myself . This is the option you should choose if you still do not have this information. Now you have to enter the following information: NIF, validity date of the DNI and Box 450 of the 2016 declaration.

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How to get the data from Box 450

Let's make a point and part to clarify the matter of Box 450 . This figure can be found in your 2016 Income Statement. This figure corresponds to the general taxable base subject to tax. To get this information, logically, it will be necessary to rescue the copy of your statement from last year.

5. When you have entered all these data, click on the blue Get Reference button . If everything is correct, a screen will appear stating: You have been correctly identified. You will see your name and surname and the reference number.

You can then choose if you want to receive personalized notices from the Tax Agency on this device. If you are interested in this option, choose Yes.

Identify the spouse

Identify the spouse

Another option that you should consider is the identification of the spouse . To have all the information centralized, the application offers you the possibility of identifying your partner. The procedure is the same and it is a good way to make the most favorable calculation. If you want to do this later, click on I'll do it later.

From this moment on, you will be able to move around the application to carry out all the checks. Thus, you will be able to know what your income has been this year, your contributions, tax address, bank account returns, donations, etc. And as of April 4, you can file the declaration.