Android TV Box, what it is and what it is for

Android TV Box, what it is and what it is for 2

Android TV Boxes are devices that have become very popular since their arrival a few years ago. In this article we explain what Android TV Boxes are , as well as some of the main uses that are usually given to these devices. You are ready? Read on to discover all the secrets of these great devices.

What is an Android TV Box

These are small electronic devices, which run on the Android operating system , and which include all the components they need to function. The Android TV Box includes its own processor, an internal storage system that is normally based on eMMC memory, and the RAM they need to function.

Android TV Box, what it is and what it is for

Its hardware is very similar to what we can find in smartphones and tablets. Most Android TV Boxes use processors made by Amlogic, Realtek, and Allwinner . These teachers are very similar to the MediaTek and the Snapdragon that are used in smartphones and tablets, although they are not exactly the same.

Android TV Boxes are mostly used to play multimedia files , so the processors are optimized to offer the best possible multimedia experience at the lowest cost.

What can we do with an Android TV Box

The most common use for an Android TV Box device is to convert our television into a Smart TV . It is true that televisions are sold that already integrate the Smart TV functionality, but most of the cases they are very basic functions, and their components are quite fair in terms of benefits, which makes them obsolete in a short time.

Android TV Box as smart tv

As it is an independent device from the TV, we can update it whenever necessary to have specifications in accordance with the moment. This will allow us to use all the applications and games on Google Play in a fairly solvent way. Android TV Boxes are usually quite inexpensive, so it is not a problem to replace them every few years.

TV Box Android uses

We can also use a TV Box on a computer monitor. In this way we can see all our multimedia content without having to turn on the PC. Android TV Boxes have a much lower power consumption than current computers, so this use can be quite interesting for many users. This low energy consumption also makes them ideal for use as torrent download centers .

Another use that we can give the Android TV Box devices is to use them as an occasional game console . Although most of the video games that we can find on Google Play do not have a level of quality comparable to the titles of PS4 and Xbox One consoles, they are perfectly valid to entertain us occasionally, in addition to the fact that most are free. Android TV Boxes usually include Bluetooth connection technology, which allows you to connect a remote control to be able to play in a much more comfortable way.

Android TV Box as a console

Finally, some Android TV Boxes offer the possibility of installing a Linux distribution , which means that we can use them as a small desktop computer. This process is quite complex, so it is only recommended for experienced users.

The performance of the processors used in these devices is quite fair, to move many of the programs that we can install in Linux operating systems. However, it can be more than enough to perform some of the most basic tasks such as office automation, surfing the internet, reading and sending emails, and even watching videos on YouTube.

Now you know what Android TV Boxes are and what their main uses are.