9 tips and tricks to get the most out of Mitele

7 things you should know about Mitele to watch series and movies online

Mitele is Mediaset's online platform to view the channels that currently belong to the group made up of Cuatro, Telecinco, FDF, Boing, Be Mad, Divinity and Energy, among others. The platform comes in the form of an application and a web portal, with an interface practically traced to all the devices on which it is available. If you are a Mitele user and you want to get the whole game out of the Mediaset platform, you cannot miss some of the tricks that we have compiled for the application.

Register in Mitele if you want to see less advertising

mitele 1

It is a fact, the application has a lot of publicity. Like YouTube and other streaming platforms, Mitele shows a couple or three ads before starting to play a video. If we want to reduce the number of ads that are displayed in the application, we will have to register yes or yes as users.

In this case the process is as simple as clicking on the icon in the upper right corner . A floating window will then be displayed that will allow us to create a new user or access through our Facebook account.

And exclusive content in the application for mobiles and tablets

The version of Mitele for Android and iOS limits some of the content that the web platform offers in a totally unlimited way. The only way to unblock this content is by registering with Mitele. It should be noted that if the content is classified with the Plus label, we will have to resort to a paid subscription through the Mitele Plus service.

Continue what you were seeing where you left off

Another advantage of registering with Mitele has to do with the ability to continue playing the content right where we left it . This function is active by default, so we will not have to intervene manually. Likewise, it is synchronized with all devices where we have previously logged in.

Don't use an ad blocker in your browser if you want to use Mitele

Unless we use the Mitele Plus subscription , there is no way to block ads within the platform . If we use Adblock or uBlock to block advertising on the Internet, the page will constantly display a message that will prevent us from reproducing the Mitele content. The most advisable thing, therefore, is to deactivate any extension temporarily.

Use parental controls if you are going to see Mitele with your children

parental control mitele

Another advantage that the Mitele registry offers us is to control the content that our children see through the application. For example, we can veto all programs with an age rating equal to or greater than 7 years . In fact, the application allows us to classify content in five types of ratings: without age restriction, 7 years, 12 years, 16 years and 18 years.

To use Mitele's parental control, we will have to click on the icon corresponding to the image of our profile. Next we will select the Parental Control option. Now we just have to create a password as a PIN and select the age rating to filter the content based on our preferences.

Create a playlist with your favorite shows and shows

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Did you know that Mitele has the ability to create playlists? Obviously, to use this functionality we will have to have previously registered . The advantage of using these lists is that they are synchronized between all the devices where we have logged in with our user account.

To add a video to the personalized playlist, we will only have to click on the Add to my list button if we have not played the video in question yet or the + sign that we can see in the upper right corner if we have already started the reproduction. We can also add the video in question to the My favorites list by clicking on the heart icon that is displayed along with the + icon. Unfortunately, Mitele does not allow you to create different lists or assign custom names.

If you are going to watch reality shows, use the Mitele ON button

For some time, Mitele has allowed you to interact with the content of some programs through the ON button, a button that appears in the upper right corner with the letters 'ON' . If we click on this we can participate in some surveys that are shown in real time, either to decide the fate of a contestant or to select some of the options available in general culture contests.

In programs like Survivors we can comment on the galas and even activate the 360º camera . The possibilities vary depending on the program.

Free movies? Access the TV Movies section

Unlike other content platforms, Mitele has a whole catalog of free movies that does not require any type of paid subscription. The best of all is that we will not need to be registered on the web, we will only have to access the TV Movies section that we can find in the A la carte section in the top menu .

In total, the page has more than 60 free titles, among which are Without a trace of Sarah, Taridora, Escualo Territory, Next door, The mystery of the house of the crow, Outbreak in Los Angeles or Stolen at birth . In general, content that we can enjoy on Telecinco and Cuatro during Saturday and Sunday afternoons .

Has anyone said free documentaries?

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If Mitele's free movies catalog doesn't convince us, we can always turn to the list of documentaries that the platform currently offers for free. Just go to the Documentaries section . Some of the titles that we can find are Franco's Successor, Marta del Castillo's Padres documentary, Adolfo Suárez, the key to the bunker or Lehman Brothers, the crisis that we all pay for.