Barcelona - Paris Saint-Germain, how to watch the football game online for free

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Today FC Barcelona receives Paris Saint-Germain at their home . Both teams will have to face each other in the second leg of the quarterfinals. The two are at stake for leadership in the Champions League , one of the most important football tournaments. Yesterday Real Madrid already played against Galatasaray and the truth is that football fans could enjoy it openly, from the television, but also through the Internet. The same will not happen today. And is that the match between FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain will be broadcast on Canal +, the satellite channelwhich implies subscription and payment. If you do not have contracted this television service, you will have to choose other routes: one is to go down to the bar in your neighborhood, where the game will surely be broadcast. Another, surely more comfortable , is to organize the viewing in your own home, through the Internet . Next, we will tell you some interesting formulas to watch the game for free from your computer.

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You can watch the game online for free, through different means. The most popular are the following: Gratifutbol (a place where you can enjoy it in high definition), Intergoles , or Justin TV . There are four spaces that work through P2P transfer systems , which implies having a good number of sources supplying content and preparing the game in advance with the necessary programs and software updates . In order not to get lost in any step, we recommend that you follow these tips:

1) Prepare the visualization a while before the game starts . The meeting will begin at 8:45 p.m. today, Wednesday April 10. If you do not want to miss a goal, it is best to enter an hour or half an hour before. Keep in mind that you need the maximum number of sources offering you content to enjoy a clear and sharp picture and sound.

2) Check the status of your Internet connection . If your bandwidth is too overloaded, try to lighten it. Disable all those programs that are using a lot of data. We refer to content download software or tools that are continuously connected to the Internet. Each service will ask you for about 1 MB of space , although you may need a little more.

3) Update your browser and playback software . These types of programs usually request access through Internet Explorer , the most classic browser that exists. You should not have problems if you access through a Windows computer , since this tool comes pre-installed as standard. If you are going to access it through Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Opera , try to check if the Flash works as it should. You can do this by accessing YouTube . If you can watch videos normally, you will not have any problem. If not, you should go to the Adobe page and download this tool. The browser will offer you a direct link to download it. On the other hand, we recommend that you review the playback programs that you have available. Normally the Windows one is used , although in some cases they may ask you to download Sopcast . Follow the instructions on each page and enjoy the game.