, find out how many sugar cubes are in what you eat

sugar lumps

Surely many times you have heard the expression "you are what you eat . " Well, a web page, called , what it has done is to collect the amount of sugar that different foods have. Something that will help us to know how many lumps of sugar we consume with each product and above all, the final sum that it would give us each day. We advise you to do the test one day, and thus see the amount we eat per day.

The project emerged back in 2016, when photographer Antonio R. Estrada began to illustrate the amount of hidden sugar in many processed foods that we consume in our daily diet. This is how what he has done is simple but very effective, in a graphic way, what he does is capture an image of the specific food and put the amount of sugar it contains in cubes to the side.

It is not the first time that something like this has been done, since months ago a similar project came out in the United States, except that they did it by putting all the sugar that these foods contained in a bag. But without a doubt, it is something very interesting to know how much sugar is in a food such as pizza , cookies or fried tomato .

Antonio R. goes to a supermarket to proceed to analyze the labels of the products that we usually buy on a daily basis. Those who have a conspicuous consumption are the ones they use at SinAzú to calculate their number in lumps and take photographs so that we can know what we are eating.

For example, you might be surprised to learn that a pizza has about four and a half cubes of sugar. A two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola is about fourteen and a half lumps. A jar of fried tomato, for example, is also four sugar cubes. Energy drinks like Monster are also not spared and have more than fifteen sugar cubes. The classic Nocilla would have six sugar cubes inside. In short, a fairly high sum.

Coca Cola

How many sugar cubes do we consume in these foods?

When you consider dieting, you may not be aware of the amount of sugar in each product you consume. On many occasions, small adjustments will make us eat a much more balanced and healthy diet. For example:

Bimbo bread

Two sliced ​​bread toasts contain a cube and a half of sugar, which would be about 6 grams.


The black chocolate Nestle brand, for example, would be about two lumps if we eat five ounces. In fact, if we want to consume dark chocolate with little sugar, we must choose those that have 85% cocoa.


If we eat eight Chiquilín cookies, what we are really doing is eating four lumps. Of course, the positive part would be like eating a Donut. So put to sin, we can choose.


And it is that a chocolate donut is 16 grams of sugar, which would be four lumps.

Do you dare to add up how many sugar cubes you consume per day? We encourage you to leave your sum in the comments and on our social networks.