More than 100 kawaii images to download, print and color

More than 100 kawaii images to download, print and color

If you search the term Kawaii conscientiously, we probably don't have to explain what it means. But if you have arrived here by chance or curiosity, we will tell you everything you need to know about this little word. It is actually, as you may have imagined, a word of Japanese origin , specifically an adjective, which means 'pretty' or 'tender'.

The fact is that the Japanese have used this term to describe certain things in different areas , such as fashion, behavior, personal habits, toys, aesthetics or even food. If we apply this to the drawings, you can guess what we are talking about: cute doodles.

The specialists say that before the term kawaii was only used to describe the tenderness that a baby or an animal can wake us up . However, for a few years now, kawaii has been applied to practically everything. Lovers of Japanese culture, in fact, look for such drawings to print, color and stick on all their personal belongings.

That is why today we have decided to make a compilation of kawaii images to download, print and color . Whether you are a fan of this type of drawing or if you are not (yet), surely its aesthetics will leave you in love. Enjoy them.


Kawaii Food Coloring Pages

Food is one of the most Kawaii categories out there. In fact, we are sure that you have seen these types of drawings on more than one occasion. They flood everything: from T-shirts to store signs, to cups, plates, cutlery and lunch boxes.

In addition, fans of cute things in Japanese look for these drawings to color them. We have found a few that you can download and print to paint by hand. It is a delicious entertainment for the little ones, but also for the older ones who are fond of this Japanese art.

We have found, for example, a glass of ice cream, a lot of sweets loaded with sugar, cream and coffee, a kitten about to eat a hamburger menu, french fries and healthy zero soda, a salty pineapple, a cupcake love with a bow, a cat on top of a hamburger, a pineapple, a kitten in a cup, a donut and a coffee united by love, cupcakes with faces and strawberries, a combination of sushi, which is known as a bunch of junk food trying to be nice, a can of soda and a kawaii pumpkin.

Lots of delicious cakes, pastries, cheese, croissants, steak and more foods, everything you can find in a fast food establishment to fill your stomach and ruin your diet, cupcakes and ice cream of all kinds, an ice cream that melts, a coffee and a pasta that are friends forever, a piece of pizza, a happy toaster with two slices of bread inside, a coffee to wake up on Monday, a very happy strawberry, a fruity cupcake that winks, a slice of very happy watermelon, a bowl of Chinese noodles, a lot of cakes, four ice creams for the summer, fruits, ice cream and muffins, a carrot and a collection of vegetables (that between so much ice cream and so much sweet, you also have to remember that they exist, hey).

Happiness sometimes has the shape of ice cream. We have also found a bitten piece of watermelon, a party of candies and cakes, a smiling pear, a happy sausage, vegetables shaking hands, another piece of pizza, an onion, a little broccoli, a slice of bread, a piece of sushi, a brick of milk, an ice cream, cherries, pumpkin, mushroom, pear, apple or lettuce, a carrot with glasses, a nice pancake, a strawberry with glasses and also a pineapple. If you prefer sweet things, here are chocolate, ice cream and Easter eggs, the coloring tea party, a hamburger and more fast food.

kawaii animals

Kawaii Animals Coloring Pages

The animals are absolutely present in the drawings, whether or not they are Kawaii, because the truth is that children enjoy getting to know them and painting them. Whether or not you are one of them, you should know that if you are looking for Kawaii images, you cannot ignore the drawings in which animals appear. You will find them of all kinds, so get ready for a good portion of Kawaii images of animals to color.

We have found a friendly bat and here is a collection of animals (bear, pig, cat, panda, koala, tiger, giraffe, bull, lamb, hen, deer, raccoon, wolf, dog, fox…) that you can print together. On this page you have different animals, among which are a rabbit, a scab or a bear with their favorite food. Here you have a small circus with animals like an elephant, a lion, a little bear and even Hello Kitty visiting them. How about a little mouse? This other one is a little friendlier than the previous one.

And in this collection of Kawaii images to color in, you could not miss a unicorn. We have a turtle, a puppy with a crown, a small elephant, a mouse biting a pencil, a monkey, a very embarrassing little pig, two unicorns with long hair, a kind of plump rabbit, a loving narwhal, an adorable hippo, a rabbit eating Chinese noodles, a baby turtle, a teddy bear and a set of lovely forest animals. Among them we find a hedgehog, a deer, a butterfly, an owl, a bear, a shark, a fox or a snail.

This is the Chibi Kawaii kitten, the Winnie Pooh bear even cuter than it is in its original drawing, two hugging and loving kittens, a penguin, a baby dinosaur, a sleepy mouse, a kitten about to eat a cupcake, a wild boar, a porcupine and a hedgehog, a rope-operated bunny, a flirty little fox, two cuddling kittens, the three typical Kawaii cats, the unicorn-cat, a giraffe, a Kawaii pig and other animals from farm working in his garden, a baby unicorn, a jumping unicorn and another that takes a balloon.

As you can see, the variety of Kawaii drawings to color about animals is huge. But we are going to see other categories for which there are also a multitude of Kawaii images ready to download and color. Totally free, by the way.


Clouds, suns and more Kawaii weather elements

Did you know that the weather elements are also part of the most typical Kawaii images? You can find a bit of everything on the internet, but here we are going to offer you an interesting selection. If you are looking for drawings of clouds, rainbows and other fantasies, here you will find a few. For example, you have the drawing of a cloud with a rainbow, a sad cloud that rains, a cloud with a happy unicorn horn, but raining, a cloud raining with a black background, a coloring page through a code of numbers in the one that appears two clouds and a rainbow that joins them, a pattern of clouds with faces, a sky full of clouds, a rainbow and a flying unicorn, two clouds to color with a rainbow in the center, two smiling clouds and a set of Kawaii clouds.

But we have found many more elements typical of meteorology, very nice, to paint. We have a very smiling sun, another sun with very big eyes, a sun and a cloud trying not to compete, a cloud that rains nothing more and less than hearts, a cloud and a sleeping moon, a beautiful moon and even a ray.

The stars are also another element that cannot be missing in Kawaii images, so we have looked for some so you can download and color them. Here you have a sky with clouds, stars, balloons and children flying very beautiful, two twins with stars, some frogs with stars and the moon, angels with stars and a magic wand, a whole coloring page that includes stars, characters and astronomy and a set of clouds, stars and moon.

kitten flowers

Kawaii images of plants and flowers

In Kawaii images we can find practically everything . Yes, also plants and flowers, which are a very important element both in Japanese culture and in all others. So if you are looking for images of this style, now we are going to provide you with a few that you can also download and color for free. A simple but very smiling flower, a sunflower, a set of three mini cacti, a smiling tulip, more smiling cacti, a lonely cactus.

We have also found carnivorous plants, a lot of beautiful little plants to color, a page full of cacti, a clover plant, a page full of drawings to paint ideal for gardening lovers, here you have an infinite number of garden elements (among gardening, animals, flowers and plants), zombie plants, a cat sleeping next to the house plants, a wreath made up of countless gardening elements, even a tomato plant with tomatoes.

pineapples coloring

Kawaii Emojis Coloring Pages

Surely as soon as you have seen these Kawaii images to color you have realized that they are almost identical to a good part of the emojis that you have in your favorite applications, including Messenger or Facebook. Well, yes, these emojis are used regularly and now also, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to color them. Take a look at all the ones we have around here to download the ones you like the most and print them: a smiling poop, a cloud, a happy face with sunglasses, a watermelon, a collection of faces with different emotions, a set of fruits among which you can find kiwi, apple, grapes or pineapple, among others, some pineapples, lightning, a face that winks, food emojis, a sad face, a kiss, a face that sticks out its tongue, a face of circumstances, a little devil or a cloud.


Kawaii Pokémon to download, print and paint

Did you know that Pokémon are also considered Kawaii drawings? Some are more Kawaii than others or so their fans consider it. However, on this we all agree: part of the drawings of this factory are very cute and perfect for coloring (especially if you are a fan of the saga). Here we provide you with a total of 20 with which you can really enjoy choosing colors and painting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.


Kawaii sets and landscapes to download and color

We have seen a good number of Kawaii drawings to color, but we have even more. What we propose below is a collection of landscapes to color in , which also has a Kawaii touch. Here you can find all kinds of compositions, but big. Let's start with this snowy landscape, in which in addition to snow there are some nice characters, trees, a house, a snowman and a few gifts.

We have also found a seabed, where in addition to fish you will see some other strange element. Specifically, an alien ship and some cyclopean-sized animals. This other drawing includes an endearing character, very similar to Little Red Riding Hood, surrounded by stars, cookies and sweets.

disney kawaii

Kawaii images of Kawaii characters

Did you know that there are many cartoon characters that have also been adapted and redesigned to be a Kawaii version? Well, in this case, you can also download and color them. To begin with, we have found Winnie Pooh and Igor the donkey, in a much more cuddly version than the originals.

We also have Hamtaro, the famous and rabid Angry Birds and a cuddly collection of the most important Disney characters. So, here you also have Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, Porquito, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy. There is the most famous Disney dog ​​in a Kawaii version, Pikachu, Minnie Mouse, the Little Mermaid or Hello Kitty. And speaking of Hello Kitty, if you like his drawings to color, now we are going to provide you with a collection of very beautiful drawings.

Hello Kitty

For example, here is Hello Kitty at her house, having tea with her toy bunny. We also have her dressed for a party, making a barbecue, enjoying in the garden of her house, with a little bird and the name of Hello Kitty also to color, prepared for Halloween, traveling by bicycle, riding on a broom as a witch, with angel wings, riding on a cute dolphin, with balloons, on a table with cakes and cupcakes, the entire Hello Kitty family, the kitten's grandparents, in the garden blowing bubbles in the shape of hearts, on a plane, dressed as a ballerina, inside a cup on the carousel and ready for the bath.


If you like Hello Kitty, there is probably another character for whom you also drink the winds. Does Miffy sound familiar to you? Well, instead of being a kitten, she is a bunny who, far from being Japanese, was born in Holland. Its creator, Dick Bruna, published the first book in which the character appeared in 1955. He is so adorable that we have decided to include a few images of this character below: first, here we have a very playful Miffy, with a kite, a ball and a teddy bear, here on her bike, ready to play outside, with a lot of ducklings who are his playmates, holding a balloon, playing the accordion and eating cakes, knitting, eating and drinking, playing with her friends, the whole family in the house, Miffy crying and her mother, playing with her scooter and with her family, at school and cutting pictures, with her friends from school, in the bathtub and at bedtime.

Kawaii images of objects to color

We have countless Kawaii images of very beautiful coloring objects, so here we are also going to provide you with a collection of items that you can download and paint to your liking. You can paint a music box, a toaster, a set of cacti, a closet full of clothes, kitchen items, a coffee mug, a light bulb, a kettle, and a collection of cups, scissors, chalk, glue, and a pencil.

We also have a boat with pencils and other supplies for the desk, a world globe, a magnifying glass, a snow globe with a penguin inside, a ball pit with a girl playing in it, a very nice candy house, a drink of ice cream, a talkative ball,


Kawaii Mandalas to print and color

If you are a lover of coloring images, it is very likely that you know perfectly how and what mandalas are. They are usually compositions with different designs and shapes, which can even be useful to relax. Well, there are different images that are made up of Kawaii drawings. Here we have one that we loved and that consists of a lot of drawings, which represent typical Kawaii motifs. Including the famous stretched kitten, flowers, petals and hearts.

Besides being pretty - or cuquis - they are very relaxing. All you have to do is take your color kit and start coloring as you like. It is an interesting mindfulness exercise with which you are sure to get away from your everyday reality. This mandala has a lot of Kawaii cats, this is like a still life of food, a Kawaii kitten decorated for the Day of the Dead (in a Mexican plan), another cat full of mandalas inside, a lying and chubby cat, another with cakes, donuts and candies, one with an infinite number of cats, cats with clouds and rainbows and, if you have time and a good eye, maybe you can start painting this cluster of such cute Kawaii objects.

letters numbers

Kawaii letters and numbers

Children who are learning numbers and letters also have a number of interesting resources here. In fact, especially designed for teachers, parents, or mothers, we suggest you download Kawaii drawings of numbers and letters. You can download them, print them and then suggest that the little ones color them while they learn them . Then, if they have been beautiful (which they sure do), you have the option of hanging them on a cork or in any space in the classroom, in your room or even in the fridge.

The letters that are usually considered as Kawaii are those that have a bubble type format. So the first thing we propose is a collection of different images with all the letters of the alphabet: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  What do you prefer to download the letters one by one? Well, do not worry, because we provide them all below. to download

  • Download Letter A
  • Download Letter B
  • Download Letter C
  • Download Letter D
  • Download Letter E
  • Download Letter F
  • Download Letter G
  • Download Letter H
  • Download Letter I
  • Download Letter J
  • Download Letter K
  • Download Letter L
  • Download Letter M
  • Download Letter N
  • Download Letter Ñ
  • Download Letter O
  • Download Letter P
  • Download Letter Q
  • Download Letter R
  • Download Letter S
  • Download Letter T
  • Download Letter V
  • Download Letter W
  • Download Letter X
  • Download Letter Y
  • Download Letter Z

Next, we are going to take a look at the numbers, which you also have available in Kawaii format . In this case, you can download the numbers from 1 to 10. You have them all below:

  • Download number 1
  • Download number 2
  • Download number 3
  • Download issue 4
  • Download number 5
  • Download issue 6
  • Download issue 7
  • Download number 8
  • Download number 9
  • Download issue 10


And to finish ... cutouts of Kawaii images

Have you not had enough with the drawings we just provided? Well in that case, calm down, because we are going to offer you an extra. What we want to show you next is a collection of Kawaii image cutouts . Although they are colored, you can use them as a craft.

What we recommend is to print the drawing directly and then follow the instructions for cutting and folding. What you will get are typically Kawaii figures , perfect to spend a nice afternoon of crafts at home or at school.

With this first cut-out that we propose you can create a Kawaii bunny the sea of ​​a monkey. We also have a very nice and colorful dollhouse, with which - after assembling it - you can play. In fact, you can print as many as you want to create a small town. This kind of starfish is also cut-out and can be assembled so that it is finally a perfect box to store chocolates or candies.

More cut-outs that we propose: a Kawaii doll with little dresses to combine to your liking. It's pretty, right? Well, you can download it and print it totally free . We recommend, as in the previous cutouts, to print the patterns or drawings on a slightly thicker paper (if possible, cardboard). Then, only in this case, you can print on normal paper, so that in this way it is easier for you to put the dresses on the doll. If you prefer to print on less thick sheets you can also do it, because then you also have the option of pasting the cut-out drawing on a piece of cardboard. This will ensure that the drawing lasts longer.

We have already seen that kittens are typical characters in Kawaii images , so we had to find a cutout that had these animals as the main characters. Try cutting and pasting these pictures, because the result can be great.

We have some more kittens and a bunny with lots of Kawaii details that will leave you open-mouthed. Sailor Moon fan? Well here we have another cutout to create your doll. But we have more things: little dresses for your doll and other original outfits. In fact, you can also dress kokeshi dolls or enjoy the costumes of a lot of animals. Although if you are looking for original garments, you have to download these.

Another interesting game is the one that we propose below. How about you draw or print faces and then glue eyes, mouth and expression to them? Print this page to compose your own Kawaii characters. But the thing is not only about dresses and emotions. Here you can assemble a brick of food for the dog, create a character as endearing as Santa Claus, a very funny pig, an elf to accompany Santa Claus or a bear like Winnie the Pooh. You also have Pikachu, Bart Simpson, the minions, a penguin, a puppy and an endearing cow.