Acer Aspire Switch 10 E, we have tested it

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E

Your Expert RecommendedThe Acer Aspire Switch 10 E is one of the company's new proposals for the educational market. A hybrid device capable of working both as a laptop and as a tablet, with a 10.1-inch screen . Among its main virtues we must highlight its light and easy-to-transport design (which fits perfectly in the backpack), its versatility of uses or its autonomy that can be carried for a maximum of 12 hours (according to official figures). And all this with several color options to customize it according to the tastes of each user and a moderate price of 300 euros that will bring it closer to many pockets. We have had the opportunity to test it in depth, these are our impressions.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E

Versatility is the key

We are not deceiving ourselves. We live in a time when versatility in computer equipment is increasingly appreciated. And that trend is what the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E picks up . This equipment works mainly as a mini laptop to use , although it can also work as a tablet if we unhook the screen area or even place the equipment in a tent position or with the screen inverted to use its touch functionality more comfortably.

The key element of this design is the hitch . AcerIt has done a good job with its magnetic hitch, which has good resistance to movements. But also, removing the tablet area from the base is very easy. Just grab the screen by one of the corners and pull up. An idea well put into practice that is welcome, compared to other proposals that use more cumbersome closures. Of course, it seems to us that the balance between the parts is slightly unbalanced with a greater weight of the panel, something that causes that holding the equipment by the keyboard area (with the screen open) is somewhat uncomfortable. Another advantage that we would like to highlight is that the hook itself protrudes from the base when we open the screen. Far from being a handicap, this addition raises the keyboard and makes the typing experience more comfortable.

Speaking of keyboard, despite the small size of this team the result is quite remarkable. The keys are of good height and well spaced, so that the equipment is easy to get used to. To put a but, it does not have a backlight , although this feature would have made the final product more expensive. The full dimensions of the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E are placed in  262 x 180 x 25.7 mm , with a weight of 1.28 kilos . In case of using only the tablet the weight drops to 630 grams. It is not among the lightest models on the market (in fact, there are 13-inch ultrabooks with a lower weight) but it remains quite acceptable figures to carry in the backpack.

And we cannot close this section with a mention of the new housings of these teams. Although they are made of plastic, the Taiwanese company has introduced a new intricate pattern in the shape of a loom that gives the equipment a truly premium look and feel. We were looking forward to getting this proposal in our hands and we were not disappointed. In addition, users can choose from up to seven different shades to customize it to their liking.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E

IPS screen and fair power

In the field of the screen we find a 10.1-inch IPS type panel . This technology offers us good viewing angles of up to 178 degrees and the brightness and color treatment seem good to us. However, opting for a glossy type screen leaves us a bitter aftertaste. And is that although these screens are more pleasant and attractive in a first visual contact, in practice they generate many more reflections than a matte panel. Something that can become quite annoying if we receive the direct impact of a light source. The panel resolution is 1,280 x 800 pixels, a sufficient level of detail for applications and videos.

The panel's tactile response doesn't disappoint either, with support for up to six different pressure points at the same time. And to which must be added the Gorilla Glass protection to improve its resistance against bumps and scratches, or the Acer Bluelight Shield technology to reduce the emission of blue light and avoid visual fatigue. The sound is kept at a fair level, without much fanfare but with enough clarity and power for normal use.

Regarding the power section, the Switch 10 E uses a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor with 1.33 GHz power along with a 2 GB RAM. Although it is a sufficient set for normal use, this RAM memory can give us more of a headache if we use several applications at the same time or have several browser tabs open. In this case, we would have loved to see a more powerful 4GB RAM to enjoy the possibilities offered by the 32-bit Windows 8.1 platform .

Along with this equipment, a one-year license to use Office 365 Personal is included, excellent news to use applications such as Word or Powerpoint for free. Acer has also included its own applications to manage personal files and computer updates.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E

Good storage and connections

Another decision that seems a success by Acer is the storage of the Switch 10 E . On the one hand, we have a memory in eMMC format of 32 GB to house the operating system and other personal files (once the space used for the system is removed, we will have around 13.4 GB free. But in addition, it is also included a traditional 500GB hard drive for storing large files and applications - a great way to keep you from getting hung up - plus it also includes a MicroSD card slot.

When connecting to the Internet, the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E uses WiFi connectivity . We also have Bluetooth version 4.0 to synchronize compatible devices such as external speakers. Physical connections include a micro HDMI port , a MicroUSB port for device charging, and a headphone output. In addition, in the keyboard area itself there is a USB port to plug in an accessory such as a mouse. Here it would have been desirable to introduce a second USB port to be able to work more comfortably with USB sticks or other accessories.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E

Long autonomy, prices and opinions

One of the great strengths of the Switch 10 E is its autonomy, since this laptop reaches an official time of up to 12 hours of use. Of course, this time will drop to about half in the case of carrying out a more intensive use of the model with the brightness close to maximum. The Acer Aspire Switch 10 E is available on the market for a price of 300 euros. In short, a proposal that leaves us with a very good taste in the mouth and that can be a perfect device for students: versatility, touch screen, good storage capacity and a comfortable keyboard are some of its main virtues.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E (SW3-013)

ModelAcer Aspire Switch 10 E (SW3-013)
TypeLaptop convertible into tablet

Display and keyboard

Size10.1 inch
Resolution1,280 x 800 pixels
Density149 dpi
TechnologyIPS, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass
TactileYes, six pressure points
Backlight keyboardNot

Power and graphics

CPU processorIntel Atom Z3735F
Number of cores4
Power1.33 GHz (up to 1.83 GHz)
Graphics processor (GPU)Intel HD Graphics


FormatFlash memory + hard disk
Capacity32GB + 500GB
ExtensionMicroSD card reader


Dimensions262 x 180 x 10.95 millimeters in tablet mode

262 x 180 x 25.7 millimeters with keyboard and hard drive

Weight630 grams in tablet mode

1.28 kilos with keyboard and hard disk

ColorsBlack, white, gray, aqua, blue, orange and magenta


SpeakersTwo stereo speakers


Operating systemWindows 8.1 with 32-bit Bing
ApplicationsDesktop applications

Microsoft Store

Office 365 Personal


Mobile NetworkNot
WifiWiFi b / g / n
USB ports1 x microUSB, 1 x USB 2.0
Card readerCard reader
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0
Others2 megapixel front and rear camera, microphone


CapacityLithium-ion, 8,060 milliamps
Official figuresUp to twelve hours of use
Figures in more intensive use-

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteAcer

Price 300 euros