▷ El Corte Inglés customer service: telephone, contact and support email

el corte ingles phone customer service

El Corte Inglés, like other commercial areas, offers different forms of contact on its website. In the current situation due to coronavirus, customer service focuses on remote support, either through the company's web platform or through the usual channels (support email, personalized attention telephone ... ). On this occasion we have compiled all the El Corte Inglés customer service channels to contact the company directly for any type of query. Warranty, claim, technical service, doubts about the availability of certain products in the catalog.

El Corte Inglés customer service number (telephone 91 and 900)

The first way of contact that we can use to contact the customer service of El Corte Inglés in Spain is based on the telephone service. This service is provided through the telephone number, 901 122 122 . From tuexperto.com we recommend making the call from a landline phone, since the price per minute will be much lower. The opening hours from Monday to Saturday are from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

To contact El Corte Inglés for inquiries related to the purchase service, we will have to call the toll-free number 900 373 111 . This number is available 365 days a year, as is the number for general inquiries. If we wish to obtain information about the El Corte Inglés Supermarket service, we will have to call the toll-free number 900 494 656 . For El Corte Inglés Viajes we can call 911 22 00 44 . The latter is not free. The cost per minute is the same as for any national call.

As a summary, we leave you with a list of the four contact numbers categorized by type of consultation and call cost:

  • General inquiries: 901 122 122 (special rate, it is recommended to call from a landline).
  • Questions about the online shopping service : 900 373 111 (free number).
  • Questions about the Supermarket service : 900 494 656 (free number).
  • Questions about El Corte Inglés Viajes : 911 22 00 44 (national rate number).

El Corte Inglés support email (purchases, claims, tickets ...)

To contact El Corte Inglés through the support email we can use different email addresses depending on the type of query. For claims or inquiries with the company's online shopping service, we can go to the following address; +

For questions or any query related to customer service (warranty, product inquiries, etc.) we can use the following email:

I want to file a claim with El Corte Inglés, how do I do it?

customer service el corte ingles 900 91

We can do it through the different ways mentioned above or through the following web form on your page:

  • Access the form

If we need to manage a reservation for El Corte Inglés Viajes (cancel a trip, request information, change the date or make a claim) we will have to use this other form on the group's website:

  • Access the form

Social networks of El Corte Ingles to contact the customer service

If we prefer to use social networks to contact the company, we can do so through the following addresses:

  • Twitter : @elcorteingles (corporate account) or @elcorteinglesac (customer service).
  • Facebook : official page

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