The new IKEA 2020 online catalog is now available


Going back to school wouldn't be going back to school if we didn't have a whole IKEA catalog before us . Having made it through practically the entire summer by now, now is the time to prepare to return to your routines. And if we can do it by redecorating our house for little money, all the better.

The new edition of the IKEA 2020 catalog arrives punctually on August 25, 2019 , as every year, with the aim of helping users return home a little more comfortable. Who has not ever dared to redesign the living room, bedroom or kitchen of their house as soon as they arrive from the holidays to combat the depression of returning to the routine?

If this is your case, you should know that the complete IKEA catalog can be downloaded and viewed online and will also be available in stores. But only from October. In a few days, just in September, there will also be the possibility of consulting the brochures of kitchens, cabinets and bathrooms. And those who, in addition to redecorating their home, want to do the same with their office, will also have the option of accessing the new IKEA Business brochure from October.


IKEA catalog 2020, ideas to win in sleep quality

You already know that every year, IKEA bases its catalog on one or two central ideas . Well, on this occasion, the Swedish manufacturer wanted to dedicate its solutions to improving the quality of sleep for its customers and increasing their well-being at home. To do this, it offers countless proposals in this regard.

If you are interested in downloading it, here are all the links to do it in different languages :

  • IKEA 2020 catalog in Spanish
  • IKEA 2020 catalog in Catalan
  • IKEA 2020 catalog in Basque
  • IKEA 2020 catalog in Galician
  • IKEA 2020 Catalog in English

How to get your IKEA 2020 catalog on paper

If you go to an IKEA store from October on, you will have the opportunity to pick up a copy of the IKEA 2020 catalog on paper. In this way, you will have the option of consulting all ideas, proposals and references at any time and without having to connect to any site. As if it were a bedside book.

You can also order the IKEA 2020 catalog at home

If you want to comfortably receive the IKEA 2020 catalog or any of the brochures for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms or mattresses (among others), you can also do so, always bearing in mind that the shipping cost is 7 euros . If you are going to visit IKEA at some point in October, it may be more profitable to take it there.

In any case, if you prefer to be forewarned, you can order the online catalog and all the brochures that have also been published . You will receive them in a few days. You have to mark the different options that interest you and from there, fill in your personal information, as well as your shipping address. You can do it from here. But beware, the distribution is not made throughout the territory. Check first if they make it to the town where you reside.

Check the catalog from the official IKEA application

If you don't like to make inquiries on paper, but you don't want to see the catalog from your computer either, you have another option. And it's the official IKEA app. Well actually, the Swedish manufacturer has up to three different apps that you can download.

IKEA Store is the application that can accompany you both in your inquiries and in your purchases , because it has special tools for when you are in the establishment choosing and buying. IOS users can also use an inspiration guide to design. And when you have made up your mind, you have another app from which you can manage your purchases and payments, whether you are going to pay for everything at the time, or if you prefer to pay the amount spent in installments. You can see all the available apps here.