The ten funniest memes to congratulate the birthday on WhatsApp

Birthday cake

Oh, birthdays! That date so marked and sometimes so hated. That reminder of the day of our birth, or the thousand times repeated "you are already a year older" . An event to celebrate life and meet our loved ones ... Although sometimes we have to swallow with the odd heavy family member. But what would a birthday be today without a meme to match ? We have put together ten of the most sympathetic and fun memes to congratulate your friend, friend or family member on their birthday, both through WhatsApp and other means such as Facebook or email. Here you have it.

We start with one of the most remembered scenes in the history of recent cinema (or not so recent anymore). The Matrix scene in which Morpheus asks Neo to choose between the red pill or the blue pill … Yes, that's where the shots go.

blue pill meme

The second meme adds a nice touch to the congratulation… You do n't always have to be a hooligan with these things.

forgetful birthday meme

Of course, most of us have a hooligan streak that we have to give way from time to time, and the birthday of a friend who is single may be the perfect moment. Of course, always with love.

dog birthday meme

Let's be honest. Facebook is the best tool ever invented. Because of her ability to meet lifelong friends? For their shared news? Because of the funny videos? No. Because of its function to remember birthdays . This is the face that you have when you have missed looking at Facebook to check birthdays.

crazy dog ​​meme

Of course, it is not enough just to remember the birthday. You also have to know how to get the right gift right ...

birthday dog ​​meme 02

Birthday is not always easy. Admittedly, there are times when this date, rather than cheer you up, feels like a kick in the butt . Perhaps forgetting is not such a bad idea ...


The problem is that we are not always going to have the Men in Black gadget on hand to erase the memory. So there are moments when there is no other than to put on a good face and accept the passing of the years with integrity ... Or something like that.

30th birthday meme

Another of the tragedies of your birthday is to have many illusions about the party, the gifts or how spectacular the day is going to be. It is clear that we would all like to experience fireworks on this date, but sometimes you have to settle for a candle and a few cuddles.

marylin monroe cunao meme

It's not that ties or perfumes are the gift of the century, but it's true that you almost always know that they have no hidden meaning other than "Sorry, I didn't know what else to buy from you." But sometimes they are preferable to those haunting gifts that leave you on the site wondering ... Why? 

meme austin lengthener

We end the review with an international meme. Lest it be said that we Spaniards do not know English, we leave you a meme that makes a simple play on words between birth and bird. To all your loved ones, happy birthday! 

meme birthday