20 romantic and fun images to share on Valentine's Day


Yes, it's already here. It is Valentine's Day, the classic of all the years that returns, with more force than ever, to fill our day with messages, nerdiness and gifts. Every February 14 we celebrate a holiday that has nothing new, but calls at all times to tradition.

But what is Valentine's Day? The truth is that there are many legends that surround this tradition and many, almost certainly, were invented in France and England, during the Middle Ages. Already at that time, February 14 was associated with love, for Valentine's Day , who was executed on February 14. It is said that he did not want to renounce Christianity and marry soldiers secretly, after the ban on professional soldiers from marrying. A ban imposed by the Emperor Claudius II.

There is another legend that tells us about the possibility of it coinciding with the time of year when the birds start looking for a mate . The Catholic Church eliminated this holiday in 1969, because they wanted to eliminate from the map all those saints that had a legendary origin. In 2014 it was Pope Francis himself who joined the celebration of the holiday, probably to once again give Valentine's Day a more religious meaning.

Be that as it may, Valentine's Day has become a full-blown business event, in which in addition to organizing dinners and romantic getaways, lovers take the opportunity to buy gifts and, of course, send congratulations to each other via WhatsApp. Next, we propose twenty funny and romantic images to wish a happy Valentine's Day to the people you love.

20 romantic and funny images to share on Valentine's Day 1

Sometimes there are pairs that fit as much as two pieces designed to work together. If this is your case, I don't know what you are waiting for to send this illustration to your partner. If you succeed with it, you will most likely end the day curled up.


Be careful, that Valentine's night promises. It is very possible that for many this is a golden opportunity to throw themselves into bed. But be careful with what you say: the requests that your partner or winter love can make you do not have to be literal. Or more than one will get cut off!


When one thinks of Cupid, the first thing that comes to mind is an angelic, blond and innocent being. However, judging by the choices he sometimes makes, Cupid may be just the opposite. A little devil wanting to embitter our existence? 


Another Valentine's classic: "This year we don't need to give each other a gift, okay?" You may have responded to this statement with an "Ah, okay." But run, fool: you still have time to buy the gift you DO want. Do it or you will suffer the terrible consequences of his anger. And you too will be left without a gift. 


If you are a flat gray person. If you have less life than a plant. If you are like this man who appears in the meme, it is very possible that for you Valentine does not represent anything. Absolutely nothing. In that case, we have also found the perfect greeting to wish you a happy day. You're welcome.


Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or are you one of those who prefer cats? If you are one of those who choose the third way, you have another possibility, which is to send this cat greeting. Because… having a good cat (or several) , why does a human partner want one?


Messages from Mr. Wonderful are essential on almost every occasion of the year, so Valentine's Day could not miss a proposal. This is what you should send if you are one of those who can no longer with this feeling that overwhelms you: I love you! 


There are many signs that can tell us that someone really loves us. Let him give us a kiss first thing in the morning, brush his teeth with you while you are on the throne or, and this is the final one, that he continues to love you despite having seen the photo you bring on your identity card . That is love and the rest is nonsense.


We've also found perfect congratulations for tech geeks (and there are quite a few around here). This is a Valentine's card for fans of Super Mario (the video game, of course) and lovers of pixels from those wonderful years. 


Although if what you want is a message a little more poetic, maybe you should bet on congratulating your partner on Valentine's Day through this heart. If he's easy to impress, you're sure to steal his heart.


This other image is more of the same. The drawing, very beautiful (by the way) , of an embracing couple, holding some balloons in the shape of hearts. A simple detail to wish a good Valentine's Day to anyone we love.


If you are a lover of ñoñas phrases and you are also passionate about Super Mario, we have another perfect Valentine's greeting image for you. In this a green mushroom appears, which you will not need having a partner as wonderful as yours. Or not?


Let's continue with the tech and geek congratulations, because this one you have up here is lovely. Why not celebrate Valentine's Day with the legendary sound of Chewbacca? To taste the colors, hey!


And if you liked the one above, get ready for the next one. It may be too suggestive for many, but no one can deny that this postcard is as beautiful as it is funny. 


The time has come to rest on the sofa and turn on the TV. You hit Netflix, but… damn it! Your partner is sitting next to you and you can no longer see what you wanted. Yes, long live Valentine's Day ... but when it comes to watching Netflix, long live away! 


Let's continue with an endearing congratulation, in which two drawings of lovers share congratulations and hearts. If you are a hopeless romantic, here is exactly what you were looking for.


And now we go for a coloring image. You can print it out and give it to your partner at dinner. Or let them, if you have children at home, be the ones to color this beautiful love scene between elephants.sanvalentin-19

Nobody like Kukuxumusu to illustrate Valentine's Day in a funny way. This Little Red Riding Hood is breaking it. And it was time: the wolf has been KO.


We end this special of fun congratulations for Valentine's Day with a very technological image. It is perfect for the geekiest lovers. Although, whatever you are, may you enjoy Valentine's Day!