Reliable emule servers in 2019 and how to use them

Reliable emule servers in 2019 and how to use them

eMule was one of the most popular downloader in the early 2000s. Although its popularity has declined a lot, it is still fully functional today, although in order to use it correctly we need to install the proper servers. In this article we talk about the reliable eMule servers that continue to work in this year 2019.

Why was eMule so popular

eMule was born as an open source project that was intended to exceed the functions offered by eDonkey. For those who do not know, eDonkey was the most popular P2P download service until the arrival of eMule. In fact, eMule works using the popular eDonkey networks.


eMule works thanks to a series of servers that are in charge of managing P2P connections, or person to person. The operation of this type of connection is very simple, some users upload certain files to the internet, while other users are looking for the same files to download them. eMule is the application that is responsible for putting both types of users in contact.

The popularity of eMule began to decline rapidly with the arrival of direct download services, and torrent networks, which allowed downloading files much faster than using the old eDonkey networks.

The problem with eMule servers

The same servers that allow eMule to function properly were also responsible for the appearance of security problems , which affect this platform for sharing files over the Internet.

Faced with the growing popularity of eMule, cybercriminals got down to business and started filling their servers with all kinds of malware .

Currently there are many eMule servers that are full of viruses, but there is also a list of servers that we can use safely, to download files through this platform.

How to use eMule's secure servers

Within the official eMule forums we can find a list of reliable servers in the middle of 2019 . The list is decreasing year after year, so it seems that it is only a matter of time, the complete disappearance of this platform to share files over the Internet.

We leave you a list with the servers that you can use safely:

TV Underground: ed2k: // | server | | 4184 | / Server: ed2k: // | server | | 4661 | /

eDonkey server No1: ed2k: // | server | | 8369 | /

eDonkey server No2: ed2k: // | server | | 2442 | /

eDonkey server No3: ed2k: // | server | | 2442 | /

eMule Security: ed2k: // | server | | 8593 | /

Once we know the secure eMule servers, we have to configure the program so that it uses them correctly.

To do this, the first step will be to enter the " Preferences " tab that you can find on the right side of the eMule application window. Once inside preferences, we are interested in the " Server " section .

Reliable emule servers in 2019 1

Within the eMule servers configuration it is recommended that we check the 3 boxes that appear at the top. We can also change the number of connection attempts that the application will make before deleting a server.

Reliable emule servers in 2019 2

After the above, we click on the " Edit " button .

A text document will open in which we must place the list of servers that we have left above. We just have to paste them and save .

Reliable emule servers in 2019 3

Ready, with this we will have eMule configured to work with the reliable servers of 2019, it will surely work much better for you.