How to Transfer Your Music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

How to Transfer Your Music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

If you are a Google Play Music user, you will surely have already received the notice. Google has decided to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music , the latter becoming the new platform for listening to music from the search giant. Thus, between October and the end of this year, Google Play Music will no longer be available permanently. So what will happen to the music collection we have on Google Play Music? Well, Google doesn't want us to run out of it, so it has created a way to easily transfer it to YouTube Music. This includes playlists, songs we've uploaded, and recommendations.

Google will give us until December to transfer all the music that we have purchased from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. We can also migrate the songs, playlists and radio stations that we have in our collection from the platform. And if we don't want to use YouTube Music, Google gives us the option to download the songs purchased using the Google Takeout tool .

How to Transfer All Content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

It is worth remembering that when switching from one platform to another, not only the music will be transferred. Also the playlists, radio stations, songs that we have saved in the library, our tastes, payment information and data about our listening habits.

We have two ways to transfer our music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music . The first is to go to and click on Transfer.

The second option is to do it from the YouTube Music application . We will have to enter the application, touch our profile photo and then go to Settings - Transfer - Transfer from Google Play Music.

The process is that simple. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that we may need a YouTube channel to complete the migration. Relax, you can configure one in a few seconds.

On the other hand, we can carry out the transfer process as many times as we want until Google closes Play Music. Only the music added since our last transfer will be included in the next transfer, which should save us quite a bit of time.

We should also be aware that some songs and albums may not transfer due to licensing or rights issues . Additionally, our monthly billing rate, payment date, and general billing details will remain the same on YouTube Music. Google will be in charge of migrating that data, asking us only if the company needs to confirm any data.

Finally, if we have a family account, the transfer to YouTube Music can only be done by the account administrator . Other family members will automatically have their accounts transferred, unless they do not meet YouTube Music's eligibility criteria, which is somewhat stricter than Google Play Music.

Where to find streamed music on YouTube Music

how to transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music transfer

YouTube Music's interface is different from Google Play Music's, but finding the songs we buy is really easy. We will only have to go to the Library option and enter the Albums, Songs or Artists option.

On the other hand, the playlists can be found in Library - Playlists. We can also use the Explore option to discover new music and Search to find that specific song that we want to listen to.

As you can see, Google has made it as easy as possible to change from one platform to another. Of course, remember to do it because otherwise you will lose the content you have in Google Play Music.