How can I send a fake location on WhatsApp

How can I send a fake location on WhatsApp

One of the most interesting functions that we find within WhatsApp is the possibility of sending our location to our contacts. The WhatsApp application takes advantage of the GPS capabilities of current mobile phones, as well as data networks, to obtain our location and be able to send it to our contacts. In this article we explain a very simple trick that you can use to send a fake location through WhatsApp .

WhatsApp is an application that offers us two options when it comes to sending our location to one of our contacts. On the one hand, we can send our location at the same moment, and on the other hand we can send our location in real time in a period of 15 minutes, one hour or 8 hours.

This fact opens the door for us to send a location that is not really where we are. This can have several uses, for example, we can use this interesting function to indicate to the other person the exact place where we want to meet .

Send a fake location with WhatsApp step by step

After this brief introduction, we can now go on to explain step by step the process to send a fake location through WhatsApp.

The first thing you need to do is open the WhatsApp application, and then open a conversation with the person to whom you want to send a fake location.

Once you're in the conversation with the appropriate person, you'll see a clip- on attachment icon to the right of the writing box. Tapping your finger on the paper clip icon will open several options, including sending a location.

send false location whatsapp

You just have to touch with your finger on the option to send the location, and a map will appear, along with a set of nearby locations that you can send to your contact.

You will also see that it looks like a small icon at the top left of the interface. If you touch with your finger on this icon, you will see that you can modify your location on the map to place it at the exact point you want to send to your contact.

send false location whatsapp 2

That is how simple it is to send a fake location through WhatsApp, we hope you find it very useful.