Is WallaPay, Wallapop's payment and shipping service, secure?

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When buying second-hand items from apps like Wallapop, security is the most important aspect if the transaction is done remotely. Currently, the platform has a service called WallaPay, also known as Wallapop Envíos, which facilitates this same transaction, by managing both the payment of the product and its shipment. The doubt about this method arises precisely from its operation. Is WallaPay really safe? We see it below.

The content and objective of this article is merely informative. is limited to expressing and collecting the opinions of different users published on social networks and public forums.

Three reasons why WallaPay is safe

WallaPay comes as the safest and most reliable bet, according to the application itself, to send second-hand items within the Iberian Peninsula. Let's see some of the virtues that certify the veracity of this service.

The seller does not receive the payment until the buyer confirms the transaction

So is. If we choose Wallapop Shipping, the amount owed will not be credited to the seller's account until the buyer confirms that everything is correct .


In the event that the product is not in the estimated conditions, the amount will be re-entered into the buyer's account , and the product will be collected by the Post Office, the company responsible for the shipment.

Secure payments and shipments protected by Correos

Regarding the payment of the products, Wallapop Envíos uses an encrypted payment system that ensures the correct receipt of money from either of the two parties: no fraudulent bank accounts, payments by PayPal or cash payments through DHL. .

And what about shipments? The company protects any order placed through Wallapop with insurance that covers the full cost of the item in the event of loss or damage during shipment.

WallaPay offers buyer insurance

If the item does not conform to what is described in the original description in the Wallapop application, the platform reserves the right to the buyer to file a claim that will result, in the event that the case is demonstrated by means of photographs or videos, in the full refund of the money , as mentioned above.

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The maximum period to file a dispute, by the way, is 5 days from receipt of the product. Subsequently, the amount owed will be refunded within a maximum period of 48 hours .

Four reasons why WallaPay is not secure

Not the whole mountain is oregano. Dozens of users have reported a multitude of problems with the Wallapop shipping service in forums and social networks.

Payment for a product can take up to several weeks

Many users on Twitter have denounced that Wallapop does not meet the payment deadlines when it comes to reimbursing the amount owed to the sellers of items. Some even claim that the payment has been in the same state of "reviewing delivery" for several weeks, supposedly, which blocks any possibility of payment towards them.

Hello, because a month ago the amounts of the sales that I have made are still in "checking delivery" mode and have not been paid yet? (The account number is correct and buyers are happy with the items received.) I have written as 5x in the "help" section but nothing

- Pavla Kloudová (@PavlaKloudova) October 7, 2019

Beyond being an isolated problem, the truth is that we can find dozens of testimonies referring to this same problem , as we can see below.

@wallapop I have made a shipment with wallapop, it arrived at the purchase on the 25th and it still puts checking delivery. It is normal?

- Diego (@ diego94cr) July 2, 2018

@wallapop I still have a problem, my shipments have been reviewing delivery for a week, I have put a ticket and sent an email when I suppose and I do not receive a response, solution NOW

- Dionisius (@ eldionis11) October 28, 2019

@wallapop what happens with the delays in the payments of the sales ?, from the 27th with the product received by the seller and the article "checking delivery", without news or responses from the application.

- Adrian Silvestre (@ AdrianSilvestr3) October 9, 2019

Claims can be made eternal

Just write "Wallapop claim" on Twitter to find out the number of cases that many users have claimed against the company of Spanish origin.


Apparently, the dispute process within the WallaPay service is not as agile and fast as advertised. The majority of users affirm that they have been waiting for months to supposedly resolve a claim lodged by the shipment of a product or by the condition of an article.

Limited customer service, very limited

It's a fact: Wallapop does not have a customer service to use, beyond the automated service of claims and disputes.

No telephone number is provided from the application's website . Nor an email address that we can refer to in case of problems with Wallapay. The only form of contact it offers is based on the company's official Twitter account, from which it responds to some of the complaints from users.

@wallapop, tells me that my account has been disabled. I can not access my account. Could you solve the problem for me? I sent mail but got no response.

- Pablo Gomez (@ pagogar90) January 27, 2020

We can also use the address [email protected]  provided to some users to report irregularities, although most report not having received a response through this channel.

Wallapop response is slow if the item is lost in shipping

Something that I have been able to experience very closely from the part of an acquaintance and that coincides with the dozens of cases that are reported on the different social networks.

After several weeks of waiting, the shipment arranged through Wallapop Envíos has not reached its destination . From the different contact channels that the application proposes, they have limited themselves to answering that "they will contact the Post Office to find out the status of the shipment." Months later the service still does not provide an effective solution to the claim filed.

The result? The product has not reached its recipient, and the money has not yet been credited to the seller's bank account .

Bottom Line: Is WallaPay Reliable to Ship via Wallapop?

Although the service is advertised with a safe option, the truth is that it has some gaps in its operation. The main and most serious is precisely the absence of a customer service to use to refer in case of problems with the shipment or the condition of the product.

Added to this are the problems associated with shipments through the Post Office and claims filed through the application. From we strongly recommend using other ways to send an item  or resorting to it if the price of the item does not represent a significant amount.

The conclusion is that the service is broadly safe : it is not so much if there is a problem like the ones we have just mentioned.