More than 100 images of hobbies, crosswords or sudoku to print

More than 100 images of hobbies, crosswords or sudoku to print

If you like to spend your downtime filling in crosswords, sudoku puzzles or word searches, this selection is for you. We have compiled a list of websites where you can download and print these hobbies for free .

Assorted hobbies to print

The Hobbies to Go page regularly publishes word searches, self-definitions, crosswords, and printable sudoku puzzles .

In the files menu on the right side you can find the hobbies grouped by categories and directly access the ones that interest you.


In total there are twelve categories of hobbies on the page, and all of them have numerous images to download and print totally free. The available hobbies are: self-defined, self-defined targets, crosswords, white crosswords, cipher crosswords, crosswords, kakuros, watchmaker's tables, mosaics, word searches and sudoku puzzles.

Download and print kakuros for free

The kakuro is a pastime composed of a grid of 9 squares high by 9 squares wide. The blank boxes must be filled in with numbers from 1 to 9 , respecting that each column or each row adds the amount indicated.

Each column or row must add what is indicated above or to the left, without repeating any number. It is a dynamic similar to that of Sudoku puzzles that is also quite popular with hobbyists.

kakuro print

If you want to try, you can download and print free kakuros of different levels of difficulty on the SudokuMania website., an online generator of printable hobbies

Crossword is one of the most interesting pages to download and print hobbies. Its catalog is almost infinite because it allows us to generate the hobbies that we want according to the parameters that interest us.

For example, if you are looking crosswords, you can select the level of difficulty, number of words, etc . You can also decide if you want visible grid for printing.

crossword generator

These are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Access the Crossword website.
  2. Fill in the different parameters of the box. You can set the difficulty of the words, the number of rows and columns , the number of words, etc.
  3. When you have entered all the settings, click on the  Generate new button .
  4. Access the browser menu and click on  Print so that the file is generated only with the crossword. The rest of the instructions and texts disappear.

simple crossword

From the website of you can also generate word searches ready to print. You can configure them from the same blue box,  selecting Word Search in the type .

alphabet soup generator

The Spruce, word searches grouped by themes

The Spruce is a very interesting blog dedicated to word searches. In each entry, games of this type are shared ready to print.

The most interesting thing about this blog is that the word searches are thematic , with vocabulary related to a specific field. For example: the beach, school, sports ...

alphabet soup vocabulary family

The blog is a very interesting option to download and print free word searches for the little ones in the house.

Fill in sudokus online or download them in PDF

On the SudokusWeb page you will be able to find new sudokus generated automatically every day. These hobbies are grouped by level of difficulty (very easy, easy, medium, difficult, and expert).

You can play online to solve these sudoku puzzles or download them one by one in PDF format. In addition, the page offers an option to download all the sudokus of the day with their solutions , so that you can print them all from a single file.

SudokusWeb also has a very interesting tool: an empty template to generate your own sudokus and create competitions with your friends or family. You can download the template in PDF format.

Over 200 tiered sudoku sheets to print

On the Sudoku Online website you can find a catalog of more than 200 free sudoku sheets , grouped by difficulty.

Clicking on each link opens the corresponding PDF, with sheets of various sudokus of that level. In the left column are the sudokus to be filled in, and in the right column the solutions are shown.

You can download the PDF file to your computer or print it directly from your computer. In total there are 5 levels with 42 PDF files each , and each file has 24 different sudokus.

Logic games to download and print for free

If the games you like the most are logic and riddles, you can also find pages where you can download them for free. We propose you Logic Games, which offers hundreds of options to print.

On this page, the activities are arranged into six different categories: brain games, strategy games, intelligence games , logic games, brain games, and numbers. Many are geared towards children, and others are for all ages.

Games to find the differences, mazes and others

find the 7 differences hobbies

On the EP Hobbies page you will find many free hobby options to download and print. There is an entire section dedicated to finding the differences games, but you can also choose mazes, crosswords, self-defined, sudoku, word searches and hieroglyphs.

In the maze hobbies section you can configure your game by setting the width and height of the board, as well as the width of the path. The narrower the path, the more difficult it will be to pass the pen.

labyrinth hobbies

This website also has several games that can be enjoyed online , from the browser. Some, like the mazes, can be used in two ways: either with the arrows on the keyboard or in a version to download and print.

Other entertainment options

If you want even more hobbies to print, take a look at our article with more than a thousand mandalas to download for free. You can combine your crosswords with hours of coloring!