The strangest things you can buy on Amazon

Stranger Things from Amazon

The catalog of products that Amazon sells is one of the most extensive on the internet. In Spain alone there are more than 180 million different products . With so much variety it is possible that anything you imagine you can find. To give you an idea of ​​how surreal, fun, quirky and stupid some items can be, we share this list of the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.

Amazon is without a doubt one of the benchmarks when it comes to e-commerce. And it is not only used to make conventional purchases, but also to make creative, different and curious gifts that are capable of surprising anyone . These are some of the most striking proposals.

Babymop - Baby mop to facilitate household cleaning

Babymop Amazon

Anyone who has a baby knows very well that at certain ages they spend most of their time on the floor, and why not take advantage of this? The manufacturer has had the excellent idea to create these baby pajamas that come with built-in mops , so that while you are crawling, rolling and playing on the floor, you are contributing to the cleanliness of the home. The fabric is 100% cotton, and is especially suitable for babies who are 8 to 12 months old. Although it is somewhat strange and fun, it has good ratings, and as you can see in the comments the users who have bought it seem to be satisfied.

Tagvo 3D Animal Model Balaclava, Neck Mask with Ears

Animal Balaclava on Amazon

If you were looking for a balaclava that was different and fun, chances are you will be drawn to this one. At first glance it is already very original. As you can see in the image, it will give you an animal look, by incorporating ears in the hood and it even has the details of the tongue, muzzle and whiskers. The printing is done in 3D so that it has a greater realism. And of course it fulfills its function, since it serves to go out to do sports and burn calories in the open air, and at the same time go sheltered and warm, helping you to combat the rain and the cold.

It is a multifunction balaclava, since in addition to its practical use, you will be able to use it at Halloween parties, concerts and any situation where you want to surprise.

T - shirt - I Survived Coronavirus


This year 2020 has started in a totally surreal way. The coronavirus pandemic that we are experiencing has changed the way we live in a short period of time. Now most of the world is locked up in their homes, not sure when all this will end and what the future holds. In the face of so much tension and anxiety, humor is necessary, and this shirt is perfect to give a message of encouragement and hope , with the I Survived Coronavirus 2020 and a funny print of the virus. Having this shirt will make more sense in the future, when you announce that you survived the coronavirus. In addition, you can choose it in up to 12 different colors.

Money Maze Box

Amazon puzzle cube

The fact of giving just money on a birthday or special event can be quite boring and bland. If you intend to give money away, what better way to do it than with this puzzle cube puzzle. Who you give the money to will have to earn it by solving this cube, in which you have to pass a test with mazes. It is intended for children and adults . It is a very original and entertaining gift, in which you can make it a bit difficult for the person who is going to receive the reward. What is certain is that you are going to put it to the test and screw it up just enough so that it finally gets to see the surprise.

Donald Trump toilet paper

Trump Amazon toilet paper

A sample that in Amazon you can find practically anything, is this strange article as well as funny. It consists of a roll of toilet paper with the face of the president of the United States, Donald Trump. It appears in one of its peculiar poses to give it a more sympathetic touch. It is not something decorative, it is a real toilet paper roll, so when you go to the bathroom, you can clean yourself directly with the image of Donald Trump . This public figure does not usually fall down very well, so it is not surprising that they have invented something like that. If you do not have much esteem for him, and even make you angry, surely you will be more relieved and satisfied when you go to the bathroom in this way.

Darth Vader 2 slice toaster

toaster- darth vader

In the complex world of Star Wars there are articles of all kinds for the most fanatics. Lovers of one of the best-known sagas of cinema are lucky to have Amazon to find strange and exclusive things about their favorite characters. This toaster that represents the helmet of Darth Vader, is one of those utensils that can not be missing in the home of any fan. It has capacity for two toasts and the temperature can be regulated. This product is officially licensed by Disney. But something that sure excites you is that each toast is toasted with the official Star Wars logo on both sides. By buying this toaster, you can only hope that the force will be with you in each of your breakfasts.

Sunscreen-look safe

Amazon safe

It has ever happened to all of us that being on the beach we have not trusted to leave our keys, mobile, money, etc. in the towel, and go for a walk or take a bath. It is a very theft situation, and we prefer to keep our valuables. An excellent solution can be this ingenious safe that looks like a sunscreen. We cannot deny that it is something strange but really very effective.

The good thing about it is that it goes completely unnoticed , for those who pass by your towel or decide to take a look in your beach bag. It accommodates smartphones up to 5.5 inches. You can also store your Smartwatch, car keys, money and small valuables. Surely no one imagines that your sunscreen is actually a safe where you keep your valuables.