▷ Best Torrent does not work, 9 alternatives to download Torrent in 2019

best torrent

BetterTorrent, the well-known Spanish website to download torrent of movies, series and documentaries, has just suffered a massive blockade in Spain. Both the original domain and the list of official proxies on the page have been blocked, and at this time it is impossible to access from an IP address from Spain. A possible solution would be to resort to a VPN network (you can see a list of several free VPNs in the article that we just linked) to simulate our location in another country where the web is not blocked. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to BestTorrent to download Torrents from uTorrent and other specialized programs, and this time we have made a compilation of the nine best alternatives of 2019.

The pirate bay

9 alternatives to the Pirate Bay to download torrent files

Possibly the most popular page on the Internet to download Torrent . Despite being blocked in a large number of countries, it is currently possible to access from the proxies that the portal provides to its users.

We leave you with some functional proxies in 2019:

  • //piratebay.tel
  • //bayception.pw
  • //unblocktheship.org
  • //thepiratebay.kiwi
  • //tpb247.top

As for the content of it, we can find from premieres in movies and series in original version to programs, discographies, operating systems, electronic books and all kinds of content that we can think of.

Kickass Torrent

kickass torrent

Earlier in the week we were publishing some of the best alternatives to Kickass and today we included the famous Torrent download page in our compilation of alternatives to Best Torrent. Of course, to access we will have to resort to proxies , like The Pirate Bay.

Currently it has the following proxies to access from any browser:

  • //katcr.co
  • //kickasstorrent.cr
  • //kickass.cm
  • //kat.sx
  • //kat.am
  • //kickasstorrents.pw

Regarding the content that we can find in Kickass, it is very similar to that of ThePirateBays and similar pages. Films, documentaries, series, programs, discontinued versions of Windows and a myriad of files that we can hardly find in other download portals.



Surely the best alternative to MejorTorrent. Page of Hispanic origin that, like the aforementioned, has countless titles of films, feature films, series and documentaries of all kinds of themes .

Best of all, most of the links to torrent files are in HD quality and with Spanish subtitles . We can also find content in Spanish and of course, the original version.



Despite having been blocked in Spain a few months ago, we can currently access the page through the different proxies that the web offers for free.

Currently the best proxies to access 1337x in 2019 are the following:

  • //1337x.unblockall.org
  • //1337x.unblocker.cc
  • //1337xx1.unblocked.lol
  • //1337x.st/
  • //x1337x.ws/

Regarding the type of content on the page, we can find practically the same titles as in MejorTorrent . We can also find games and programs for computer, although in a much smaller number.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

If we prefer a program that allows us to download torrent files of movies, series and audiovisual material in general, Popcorn Time is the best alternative to install on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Although all its content is in English, most of it is in Full HD quality and with Spanish subtitles . The great advantage of Popcorn Time compared to other search engines is that, as it is a program that plays, downloads and plays video files, it is capable of streaming in real time without waiting of any kind . In this aspect, the operation is very similar to applications such as Netflix or HBO.

It also has an application for Android mobiles that can be downloaded from the developer page itself.



It does not need any introduction. DivxTotal is one of the oldest download portals on the Internet. With Hispanic origin, it has a catalog that has nothing to envy to the rest of the pages to download Torrents, especially if what we are looking for is content in Spanish or with subtitles in Spanish .

Series, music, movies, short films and even programs is the type of content that we can find on the download page. The bad thing is that the inserted advertising is quite annoying when browsing the web ; nothing we can't fix with an ad blocker.


nyaa 23

Surely the best anime page to download in the form of torrent files . Unlike the rest of the pages, its content focuses on series from China, Japan and South Korea.

The good news is that part of the content is subtitled in Spanish . In addition, most of the series that we can find in Nyaa are in HD quality and in MKV and MP4 formats.

Torrent downloads

torrent downloads

A download portal that mimics the content and interface of Kickass Torrent. Like its counterpart, it has countless series, movies, music, and software-based content (programs, operating systems, licenses, etc.).

The good thing is that being focused on audiovisual content, the catalog is much more extensive than this one, with latest releases. Fortunately, part of its content is in Spanish and with subtitles in the language of Cervantes .



We reached the end of the list of best alternatives to BestTorrent. LimeTorrent bills itself as a barely ad- supported proposition .

The catalog of the same, in addition to including premieres of television series and cinema films , is based on programs, tools and electronic books. Unfortunately, the number of available titles is not as extensive as that of MejorTorrent or EliteTorrent, but we can find the best-known movies and series of 2019 and previous years.