Photoshop online: 5 free editors in Spanish for 2018 and 2019

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No, there is no complete free online version of Photoshop, although there is a free desktop version based on Photoshop CS2. For those who prefer to use pages to edit photos, there are plenty of web-based photo editors and Photoshop alternatives . Although it is true that the amount of functions that they include compared to that of the Adobe editor have nothing to do with it, they do have a series of basic tools to edit photos in a simple and easy way. This time we have made a compilation of five free editors that can be used from any browser that supports Flash .


Photoshop Online: 5 Free Alternative Photo Editors 1

Do not look any further. PIXLR is the best online tool alternative to Photoshop to edit photos in layers. Although it does not have the same amount of functions, speed and versatility as this one, it is valid enough to lay out any image.

Capable of handling large files, smart cropping, magic wand selection, and even editing RAW files . Of course, we will need to activate Flash Player to start using it in its web version. It also has a mobile version for iOS and Android. It has advertising sometimes somewhat annoying.

Adobe Photoshop Online Free

adobe photoshop express

At the beginning of the article we said that there is no complete online version of Photoshop, but the truth is that there is a somewhat trimmed version of the famous photo editor called Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. It does not have the same amount of features and tools as the desktop version. It also does not allow you to edit images in PNG or RAW format , only in JPG. However, it integrates a series of functions for the majority sufficient if we want to carry out a relatively simple edition.

It is not in Spanish, but its interface is very simple to use. Like PIXLR, we will need to activate Adobe Flash Player . It has no advertising of any kind.


photopea online

A page traced to Photoshop and with the same functions? Photopea has a design exactly the same as the aforementioned tool . Same icons, same interface and same options when editing images. We can even upload files with different formats (JPG, PNG, RAW, GIF, etc.). Best of all, it's HTML-based, which is why it's considerably faster and more agile than the editors we've just seen.

It also supports PSD files and layer editing in a similar way to Photoshop . It can even be used on mobiles and tablets from the web version itself. Also available in Spanish, it has some advertising in the margins.



A photo editor somewhat different from the previous ones. This time, Fotor is not trying to imitate the Phostoshop interface, but rather to simplify it. Some of the most interesting options on the website are the magic cutter or the variety of effects and filters that it includes as standard . The downside is that it has some features that require a watermark to be included, although they can be easily removed by cropping the photograph in question.

Completely in Spanish and based on HTML5 to speed up the loading of content on mobiles, tablets and computers. Yes, it also has advertising.


Photoshop Online: 5 Free Alternative Photo Editors 2

Perhaps the least striking and complete editor of all, but its simplicity of use and interface makes it one of the easiest to use. It includes a set of tools that will allow us to edit images in a simple way. Include texts, reduce the quality, make animations, use different formats (PNG, GIF, JPG ...), cut figures and so on .

It also does not require Adobe Flash Player, so it can be used on practically any device. It is not in Spanish, but the options are easily identifiable. Include some advertising, yes.