How to stop receiving emails from a forum or web in

How to stop receiving emails from a forum or web in

Apart from spam, another problem that we often find when entering our inbox is the emails of photos or websites in which we have logged in the past . These messages usually bypass spam filters, and in some cases they flood our inbox. What can we do if we do not want to receive more messages of that type?

We are going to show you how to solve this situation when we are operating with Outlook. We have two ways, the option "Clean" or creating an inbox rule .


First, we go into our Outlook inbox and flag any mailing list messages that we don't want to receive anymore. We then look at the top menu. Next to Spam we have Clean . We mark that tab.

outlook tool clean

A window will appear showing us the email address of the message we have marked. Then a first option will appear to remove all messages from that address from our inbox. However, if what we want is not to receive more messages from that address, we must check the second option. Doing so will delete your inbox messages, as well as future messages .

We are also allowed to keep the last message received from that address and delete previous ones . Finally, we can activate that messages from that address are deleted after ten days. Once we have chosen our option, we mark Clean.

Create a rule

There is another less direct option but with more possibilities to manage the messages received from unwanted mailing lists. If we return to the message as before, and we look at the top menu, we will see that at the end of all the options there is a button with three dots. We mark it. This will open a tab where we can choose between several options, but the one that interests us is above Print, it is Create rule .

By creating a rule in Outlook we can automate the behavior of the inbox. We must specify if we want an email address, a recipient or even a simple word to be taken into account , or even all three. This can be very useful because it may be the case that the same website or company has several addresses from which to send the newsletters.

outlook create rule

Move the message

Once the addresses or names have been selected, we go to the tab below, which says Move the message to the folder. Click and we will get a tab where we can choose how we want Outlook to treat messages with these characteristics. A first possibility is to check the option Move, copy or delete. With this, we can make the messages with those criteria be deleted directly upon receipt.

If what we want is not to see those messages, but we do not want to delete them, we can go down to the option Mark the message. There we can choose to send it to the folder spam or even assign a specific category . For example, "mailing lists." That allows us to consult them if we want, but if not, they do not flood our inbox.

This option allows you to expand the range of emails that we want to avoid receiving, making our work easier. However, it does not allow us to delete or manage past messages . It only refers to the next messages that are received.

Finally, if we want to consult the created rules, to make a change, we have to go back to the Clean option. In that window, we mark the View rules tab , which will allow us to consult, edit and delete our current rules from the inbox.

With these two options, you will be able to free your Outlook mail from unwanted messages , and make the mail consultation process a much simpler task.