How to create a font with your own letter to write on the computer

How to create your own font to use on the computer

Are you looking for a way to write a lot of letters with your handwriting but you don't have time? Do you want to have a detail with someone but your handwriting is regular? Well, without having to enter the world of lettering or simply if you want to digitize your calligraphy , there are web tools to do so. And even better: free web tools. So you can bring your way of writing step by step to your computer:

The first thing is to visit, the website where we have found this free service. Here it is necessary to register as a user to have your own account to which to associate the typography of our own handwriting. You only need an email and a password to carry out this step. Once you do this, you must confirm the account from the email that will have arrived. And now we can continue.

create account in caligraphr

The link in the email will take us to a simple tutorial. In case we lose sight of it, you should know that you have to go to the Caligraphr home screen. Here you must click on the Start App button.

Here you should look at the top of the screen to click on the Templates tab . With this you will go to the page to manage these templates, which are nothing more than alphabets written by yourself. Of course, you will have to choose here the Reduced Spanish language to generate a template adapted to these characters and this language. Once you see it on the screen you will only have to click on Download template . Accept the download with the features that appear on the screen and save the file on your computer.


With this you will get a PDF file of a squared sheet with symbols in the corners. It is a template that you have to fill out by hand. This implies that you must print the sheet in question to have it in real physical format. And now yes, to fill in with your own calligraphy. Pay attention to whether the characters are uppercase or lowercase. And, above all, write in your own handwriting. You can help with the guides to center the characters on the grid.

download template

Once you have completed the template it will be ready to scan. This process is simple, and you can carry it out if you have a scanner, but also through your mobile. You just need to create the digital version of this completed template. Create an image file to upload to Caligraphr via scanner. Or take a photo with your mobile that is as clear as possible and framing the content of the sheet very well. The symbols and the QR code need to be visible and clear for the system to recognize this.


Template example

When we have the digitized template, it's time to upload it to Caligraphr. For this we return to the templates section. But this time we click on the My sources tab, where we can see the Load template option . From here we can upload the photo of our characters so that the system registers it and allows us to create the typography with our style. Click on select file and choose it from the images on your computer.

Now the results appear on the screen. Character scanning and recognition is carried out automatically and allows your own letters to appear in a template on the computer screen . When they are all, click on the Add characters button .

load template

With this, it remains to create the font with this typeface to install it on your computer and have it available when writing a document. You just have to go to the My sources tab and click on the Generate source option . In a new window you can give it a name and click on Generate again.

download source

If everything is correct, in a new window you will see all the characters that you have created by hand. And also the option to download that font or typeface that you have created. It is a .ttf file . A file that you can download to your computer and run with a double click. In this way, you will be notified that you will add that font to the computer's registry. If you allow the process, you will already have it to use in your Word documents, your Adobe programs and wherever you can choose fonts or fonts to write.