How to open a RAR with password easily

How to open a RAR with password easily

Surely you have ever come across the need to open a RAR file, which was protected by an unknown password. This is quite frustrating, but fortunately we have put together this article, with the best tricks you can use to easily open a protected RAR file .

Try the file name

Many times the file name itself is used as a password to protect the contents of a RAR, so if you don't know the password, the first thing you should do is try putting the file name as the password to see if you are lucky.

Once you have verified that the name of the file is not the password, it is time to try to open the protected file using some tools that we can find on the Internet. These tools that we are going to present to you below are not infallible. Its effectiveness depends among many other factors, on the complexity of the password used to protect the RAR file. However, you don't lose anything by trying.

RAR Password Unlocker

RAR Password Unlocker is the first program that we recommend that you use, if you have the need to open a password protected RAR file. It is a program that works based on brute force , that is, it will begin to test thousands of randomly generated passwords to try to find the correct one.

RAR Password Unlocker

This makes it quite an effective program to try to hack the password of a RAR file, although it has the disadvantage that the process can be very slow depending on the complexity of the password. One advantage is that you can use it to search for RAR files with password on your PC.

RAR Password Unlocker 2

RAR Password Unlocker is on sale for an approximate price of € 24 , but it offers you an evaluation version that you can use for free.

iSeePassword RAR Password Recovery

iSeePassword RAR Password Recovery is another program that works by generating random password combinations. It is a more advanced program than the previous one, and it is capable of taking advantage of all the resources of the most powerful computers . This means that if you have a high-performance computer, it will take much less time to find the correct password.

iSeePassword RAR Password Recovery 1

It has four different operating modes, so the chances of finding the correct password are quite high. You can download the free trial version from its official website, although you will need to purchase it to get the password.


ARCHPR is a software that also has a free version and a full version with a price of 49 euros, a bit expensive but we have decided to include it in this guide because it is the best option we can find in the market, to open a RAR file with a unknown password.

This application also has several modes of operation , although we recommend that you use "brute-force" (brute force) since it is the method that usually works best, although it may take a long time to find the correct password.


ARCHPR also allows you to select the type of characters that have been used in the password, as well as the approximate length of the password. The biggest problem is that if you don't know the password, you won't know its characters or the length either, unless you have a slight idea of ​​what the password might be.


These are the 3 best programs that you can use to try to open a RAR file protected by an unknown password, we hope you are lucky and manage to open it.