Fake credit cards, what are they and what are they for?

Fake credit cards

All credit cards follow Luhn's algorithm , so their numbers and combinations are not accidental. Fake credit cards are nothing illegal, they just follow this algorithm to complete registrations or pass certain control tests. They are quite useful to use them on the Internet in complete safety. Below we reveal what they are, what they are for and where you can get them for free.

More and more we use credit cards to pay for anything, regardless of whether it is for a small amount of money. For your convenience they serve us for any transaction both in physical establishments and in online purchases. Surely on many websites you have reached a point where they ask for your credit card , either to register or to have access to a free account. On many of these occasions we are not quite trusting and we avoid ending these processes. An effective solution for this is fake credit cards.

What are fake credit cards?

These credit cards are not associated with any bank account , nor can they be used to buy something, since they do not have money. Of course, it is not a physical card and we cannot take it with us to use it in any business. It is not a real credit card, its number is artificially generated, which is why it is considered a ghost card. To make it more credible, a name, expiration date and the Verification Value Code (VCC) can be generated. And what can one of these fake credit cards do?

What are fake credit cards for?

These cards are not generated for simple pleasure, they have a purpose and end up being quite useful in many circumstances.

Complete registrations on sites you don't trust

These cards are very useful on websites where they ask you to complete a registration. Surely more than once you have found yourself in this type of situation, where in order to register and continue, they request your credit card. You may not find this funny, even if it does not involve any commitment, especially in places that you do not know. For this reason, many registrations are not completed, for fear of leaving the credit card information . The interesting thing about fake cards is that you can put their data without putting the real ones at risk.

Fake utility cards

In order to protect your personal data , these types of cards are used to continue with the registration process without any risk. Then if you consider that the web is trustworthy and you want to make some kind of payment, then you can put your original one.

Try free services

There are many websites that give you a free sample of their services, such as the first free Netflix. For this they ask you to indicate your credit card , which they will then use to charge you for the following months if you decide to continue with the service. You do not need to use your credit card until the time of payment, so in these cases you can also use false credit cards that you have previously generated. This way you get these services for free without running the risk of forgetting to cancel them. Once you want to continue with these payment services, you just have to put the details of your original card.

In this type of case and many more on the web with which you will find where you are asked for your credit card, not to make a payment but for any process. Having a fake card helps you get past these filters without having to compromise your real credit card, but how can I get one of these fake cards? On the internet it is easy to find a free card generator, which is programmed to generate the algorithms automatically. It is a good way to protect your sensitive information and of course it is totally legal.