Is it reliable to buy mobile phones in tuimeilibre?

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Phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, televisions, consoles ... This Spanish store has hundreds of items from different categories. On the Internet, his fame is relatively recent. Precisely for the price offered by Tuimeilibre compared to other platforms. For example, we can find an iPhone 11 for 750 euros, about 100 euros cheaper than the official Apple store. If we opt for the 64 GB Pro model, the discount is even greater, about 130 euros. But is Tuimeilibre really legit? Do your products have a Spanish guarantee? Accept Paypal? Do you have customer service? We will solve these and many other questions below.

This article is limited to compiling the information about Tuimeilibre that we have been able to find on the Internet and does not try to reflect the opinion of the author or the opinion of the store.

First of all, why are your prices so low?

Just take a look at the information on the web to know the reason for their prices. Specifically, the information that we have been able to find on the About us page says the following:

"We are wholesalers and importers and we exclusively use the Internet to market our products, so management, maintenance and personnel costs are reduced to the maximum, which translates into very low prices."

We can conclude, therefore, that the company operates as a wholesale importer, which allows it to obtain more competitive prices than those of a store oriented to the general sale of products.

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To this must be added that it does not have any type of commercial establishment , so the investment in infrastructure is practically negligible.

Supports PayPal as a payment method

So is. The website supports PayPal as a payment method without any associated surcharge. What does this mean? That in case of any problem with the item or the shipment we can resort to PayPal in case the company does not respond .


If Tuimeilibre does not respond to PayPal's request, the service will refund the full amount of the purchase. In fact, it is one of the safest payment methods that we can find on the Internet.

Your products have a 2-year warranty

Regarding the guarantee of the articles sold in Tuimeilibre, the store offers a 2-year guarantee . As established by current European regulations, the first year is borne by the manufacturer of the product (Apple, Samsung, Huawei ...), while the second is borne by the store itself. Faults produced as a result of improper use, force majeure, installation, manipulation or repair by outside or unauthorized personnel will not be covered.

You have 14 days of withdrawal

If we have a problem with the product in question, the store grants a period of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the merchandise by the customer. Within these 14 days we can process the return of the item without any problem, according to current legislation.

And customer service

Although Tuimeilibre does not have a face-to-face store, it does have customer service, a service that we can access through different channels.

By phone we can call 684384513 from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00 . We can also use the email address [email protected] or the contact form that we can visit through this link. If we live in A Coruña, we can consult the company's offices at the following address:

  •  Calle Juan Flórez, 8 1st Floor

The opinions of Tuimeilibre customers are…

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95.57% positive in  more than 2,400 purchases . This data can be consulted through the platform at the following link. The store's score is 9.4, with an average score of 9.52 on shipments, 9.14 on customer service and 9.55 on the quality of its products.