How can I find out my Social Security number

How can I find out my social security number

Throughout our working life our social security affiliation number is something essential that we must always have on hand in case they request them for any procedure . This number is permanently assigned to any citizen at the beginning of their working life to quickly identify them in their relations with  Social Security.

As we said, it is one of the most requested documents when managing any type of management within the workplace, especially. In fact, surely many times you have found yourself in the situation of having to make use of this number and not knowing what it is or where to look for it quickly. Luckily for the most clueless , there are several options to look for . And with the Internet, many more.

Next, we tell you in detail how to proceed with the different options.


Electronic Headquarters of Social Security

The social security number can be verified through its electronic headquarters by 4 methods : by username and password, by Cl @ ve, by electronic certificate or by SMS.

The steps to follow are those:

  1. We access the Social Security website.
  2. Once inside, click on the upper menu where we will find the 'Citizens' tab. Here it is necessary to select 'Reports and Certificates' .
  3. Within this section, we must select the drop-down menu that indicates 'Duplicate affiliation document'. It is from this section where we must choose one of the 4 methods described above: username and password, Cl @ ve, electronic certificate or via SMS .
    • Username and password: both can be obtained online or by going in person to a social security office.
    • Cl @ ve: to access using this method you must register in advance , also online or in person. Some of the offices where we can register in person require that we make an appointment. Although if you already have a permanent Cl @ ve user, you just have to enter your DNI or NIE number and password .
    • Electronic certificate: click on 'Electronic certificate' and a window will immediately appear asking you to select the certificate and click on accept .
    • Via SMS: finally, we have the option by SMS. Of course, in order to obtain the information by SMS, we must first have registered it with the General Treasury of the Social Security. If the information provided is correct, an SMS message with an access code will be sent to our mobile phone .

Other methods

Of course, there are other ways of knowing our social security number in a somewhat more traditional way. We just have to take a look at the documents that we detail below :

  • Payroll or employment contract: you can find the Social Security affiliation number normally located at the top of the document .
  • Work life: it is also reflected in the report with our work life.
  • On the health card: located on the back of the document, you will find a code with 12 numbers, although the 8 central numbers are the ones that interest us in this case , since the first 2 digits describe the provincial code and the last 2 are for control simply.
  • By phone by calling 901 502 050 : you must give your name and DNI number.

And this is all you can do to find out your Social Security number. Have these steps been useful to you?