5 reasons why the LIDL food processor is the best rival to the Thermomix

Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Lidl's kitchen robot doesn't spy on you

The LIDL kitchen robot returns to the German chain after several months showing up in the store. Also known as Monsieur Cuisine Connect, LIDL's bet is probably the best alternative to the Thermomix, the benchmark robot in 2020. It is true that the possibilities of the latter are much greater. So is the price, which exceeds 1,000 euros starting. Still, the LIDL robot is still one of the toughest rivals to the Vorwerk robot . Let's see some of the reasons why this robot continues to create a trend in the middle of 2020.

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The LIDL robot is almost 4 times cheaper than the Thermomix

It's not any joke. The Thermomix costs a whopping 1,200 euros at the time of this writing. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect costs only 360 euros, which represents a saving compared to the Vorwerk robot of no less than 840 euros. In other words, the Thermomix is 3.3 times more expensive than the LIDL robot . There is nothing.

It brings 7 standard accessories (and is compatible with many others)

Being cheaper does not always mean being more limited. The LIDL robot comes standard with 7 kitchen accessories:  set of blades, whisk accessory, accessories for steaming, large removable stainless steel bowl, lid with filling hole, spatula and cooking basket .

lidl kitchen robot

As if this were not enough, the manufacturer itself has many other accessories that we can purchase separately at an authorized store. It is worth saying that all these accessories are dishwasher safe , so. that we won't have to wash them by hand.

The robot has WiFi and is updated to improve its functions

So is. The LIDL kitchen robot has a WiFi connection and an update system that allows improving the robot's functions without having to resort to higher or more modern versions of the robot. We can also download recipes to store them directly in the device memory . And yes, we can use the Monsieur Cuisine Connect offline. In fact, the robot only uses WiFi to receive updates and synchronize with the recipes stored in our user account.

Cooking Pilot, the function that cooks for you (or almost)

One of the greatest advantages of Thermomix is ​​its automatic cooking function, a function that provides us with the necessary instructions to follow any of the recipes stored in the robot's memory . The German company has replicated this function with Cooking Pilot.

This function has a total of 213 pre-installed recipes as standard , although it is compatible with many others through the manufacturer's website. The instructions will be supplied through the 7-inch touch screen that it incorporates into its chassis, just like the Vorwerk robot. We can even mark recipes as favorites to run later.

7 cooking functions and 3 automatic programs

5 reasons why the LIDL food processor is the best rival to the Thermomix 1

Weigh, knead, stir, mark back, beat, cook and crumble. The robot also has 3 automatic programs that allow us to knead, steam and sauté with the push of a button. It also has a 10-level adjustable speed setting and an extra turbo button to beat with the pulse function. In fact, such is its fame on the Internet that there are hundreds of recipes adapted to its functions and explained in detail. Just take a look at Google and YouTube.