This ring serves to feel the heartbeat of your partner from a distance

hb ring 02

A new gadget for the most caramelized couples has hit the market. If you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, this ring manufactured by The Touch company will allow you to feel very close no matter how far away you are. Because the HB (model name) will give you the opportunity to feel the heartbeat of your partner wherever he is.

This ring uses an application, the Bluetooth technology of your mobile phone and your data connection (or Wi-Fi in its absence) to feel the heart rate of your lover . Likewise, that person will also receive yours.

A product specially designed for those couples who live their relationship at a distance and be able to feel closer and more connected in this way . A form of interconnection different from the usual ones, since it does not require calls or active gestures to establish a connection. A method that could be defined as a passive way of feeling being in contact with another person.

The negatives that the naked eye cannot see

As is usual with almost everything that happens on the Internet (and today there is no way to escape the network) the invention has seen how thousands of anonymous users have “trolled” the initiative. Beyond these contributions, the ring uncovers a series of drawbacks.

Because this romantic technology is capable of giving us some fright. For example, suddenly stop receiving the heartbeat of our partner and that, after a message or call, we do not find a quick response. Or suddenly feel a disproportionate acceleration of the heart rate that may be due to climbing a very long flight of stairs ...

hb ring 01

In this equation , Reddit comments have been the ones that have put the most meat on the grill. "Imagine the horror of your girlfriend telling you she's coming in five minutes and suddenly the ring stops beating." Or more humorous versions like “honey, why is your heart beating at 120 beats per minute? Didn't you say you were up late at work? - Yes, I'm excited for the dumplings for dinner ”.

An invention that is very serious

Despite receiving a wave of pranks from anonymous users, The Touch's HB ring is not an internet prank . Nor is its price affordable for most pocketbooks. Since it is an elegant and exclusive product that will be sold for a price of about 500 euros . Although models with 18-karat gold finishes will be launched with prices that will amount to 3,000 euros. The ring is available in six sizes, ranging from 16 to 21 millimeters and is ready to reserve from last August 2.

This feature may be familiar to you. And it is that Apple watches include a similar feature called Digital Touch App , with which you can send recorded heart rates to your contacts. Although the possibilities of the Apple Watch do not get to transmit beats in real time.