How to play Where's Wally on Google Maps

How to play Where's Wally on Google Maps

Where is Wally? It is probably not so well known to the youngest anymore, but those of us of a certain age have grown up with the game books of this nice character. A tourist with glasses and a hat with red and white stripes who hides in the most unexpected places. Finding it on each page of his books was a very fun challenge because, in addition, each scene was full of humor and absurd situations.

Now, you can recall your childhood days or discover the world of Where's Wally on your mobile, through Google Maps. The friendly game has begun to reach users' mobile phones. If the red and white striped hat has already appeared, we will tell you what the dynamics of this game are like.

screenshots of where wally is in google maps

Playing Where's Wally on Google Maps is very simple. If it hasn't appeared yet, you should just exit and re-enter the app . The signal that it is active is that in the button with the three stripes of the options you will see a red and white striped hat appear.

button options where is wally

The Where's Wally game is in the Share Location section . Once there, in addition to yours, you will see an icon with Wally's face at the top. Click on it and the game will start. This consists of five levels (plus a secret one that we will not reveal). Each one is inspired by a different part of the world, similar to a page from Wally's book.

level where is wally

Your main objective is to find Wally in each of the levels, but you also have several secondary characters to complete the game and get a special prize. The characters are Wanda, Wally's rascal alter ego, the wizard with the white beard and the dog's tail (he always appears hidden). To continue to the next level, you just have to find Wally, but if you want the game to last a while longer, I recommend that you complete all the characters.

By the way, the locations also include a Spanish town famous for a festival related to a red fruit . Guess what it is?