Windows Phone, what it is and what it is for

Windows Phone, what it is and what it is for 1

Windows Phone . It is possible that one word sounds a lot to you, but together with the other it becomes something strange. If on computers we have already become accustomed to having Windows , what is less frequent is having seen Windows Phone . We are talking about the famous window interface, but in the version designed specifically for mobiles.The basic program that makes some devices like mobile phones or tablets work. It's made by Microsoft and it's called Windows, but it's nothing like the one you have on your computer.

A little history

Microsoft carried an operating system for mobile phones that no one liked. It was called Windows Mobile , and it was slow and cumbersome. The era of  smartphones began , a phone arrived ready to revolutionize the sector: the iPhone . Shortly after Android appeared , we are talking about the year 2008, as a mobile operating system developed by the giant Google . The era of smartphones was beginning and Microsoft was lagging behind. Windows Mobile was out of date and its successive updates did not solve the problem.

So in Redmond, Microsoft's headquarters , they decided to retire the previous system and start from scratch . They arrived very late, in September 2010, but the new operating system impressed . It was simple, fun, and very easy to use . In short, it didn't look like Windows . But of course, by then there were already two great mobile operating systems settled, and putting your head in was not easy at all.

Windows Phone, what is it and what is it for 2

Windows Phone 7

If this operating system stands out for something, it is because of how easy it is to use. We unlock the phone and “voila!” We have a home screen with the basics we want from a smartphone. Call, messages, mail, Internet (browser), contacts ... All in perfectly clear tiles. For the more specific applications, we slide our finger to the left, and they all appear in alphabetical order . Plain and simple

The interface is nothing like that of a Windows 7 computer. There is no desktop, no icons, and no launch bar. They called it the “metro” interface and if anything can be said about it, it is that it is frankly attractive and practical. Here we leave you a video in which you see how it moves on an HTC HD2.


Yes, it is very beautiful, so why does it not totally succeed? Windows Phone's biggest problem isn't strictly your fault, it's the apps.

Arriving last to the party has its drawbacks, you may have been left without a partner. What is making smartphones successful are applications (or apps) . Programs that someone independent of the brand creates to work on an operating system. Someone takes an Android phone and programs an application that allows you to chat with friends without paying a single euro, for example. Or someone with an iPhone creates a program to put filters on photos and make them more beautiful. Programs for the phone: applications.

When Windows Phone was introduced there were already developers all over the world programming applications for Android and iPhone. And millions of phone owners with these operating systems. Convincing everyone to drop it and use Windows Phone is at least complicated.

Today there are more than half a million applications for iPhone, and a similar number (a little lower) for Android . The applications market Windows Phone, e l Windows Market, just reach the 80,000 titles . They are not few, but it is still some distance from the greats. Also, some flagship apps like WhatsApp took a long time to reach Windows Phone , making owners desperate.

Windows Phone, what is it and what is it for 3


Unity is strength, so Microsoft thought that if they had lagged behind making software for phones, it would be a good idea to find someone who knows how to make mobile phones and shake hands. And that someone had a Finnish name: Nokia . Thus was born one of the largest alliances between technology companies that we have seen in recent years.

Nokia has flooded the market with a series of Windows Phone smartphones : the Lumia . They are simple, beautiful, efficient and above all cheap. They aim to cover the entire range, from the most cutting-edge smartphone such as the Nokia Lumia 900 to a Nokia Lumia 610 with a more affordable cost. Time will tell if the bet is successful.

Windows Phone is an efficient operating system that has not been as successful as expected. We are beginning to see its new installment: Windows 8. But this version is much more ambitious. He intends to bring this interface from the phone to tablets and computers, but this is another story. And we will tell it here at