The funniest memes to celebrate Reyes and back to school

memes wise men

The end of the Christmas festivities is approaching and, with them, the arrival of the Magi. The houses will be filled with gifts and the children will be happier than ever. And this year, in addition, they will be able to enjoy a whole Sunday off to play with their gifts. Although on Monday, start over. We are going to try to make the return to school much lighter than usual, sharing with all of you some funny memes related to the Three Kings of the East . To share them through WhatsApp you just have to open this article from your mobile. To save a meme, press and hold the photo and save it. Then, you just have to open the gallery and share in the messaging application.

A well known Balthazar

Fortunately, the Reyes parades are already counting, for the role of Baltasar, with black people, avoiding painting the face of a white person, with all that that entails negative. What we had no idea was that they hired famous people like Will Smith for it. Or is it simply a reasonable resemblance? We want to believe not.

wise men meme 1

Selfies arrive in Bethlehem

Finally, the Three Wise Men have realized that they have a hipster point, with those beards and those old clothes, and they have decided to take a selfie for Facebook at the precise moment of arrival at the manger. Baby Jesus, wait, now I give you the incense, I have to come out handsome 'pal feis'.

memes magi 2

Sexy magi

Because the Santa Claus thing is a bit sexist, we are going to raise the temperature of the memes a bit with these Magi who come, directly, from paradise.

wise men meme 3

The black of WhatsApp

A nightmare that could come true. One goes quietly to watch the Three Kings parade, anxiously waiting for Baltasar to arrive, because everyone knows that Baltasar is the one who throws the most candy and, when he sees him, something catches his attention. Something is familiar. Look at your group of WhatsApp friends looking for that photo, that meme that makes you remember. In the end, he sees it. And he turns around, and goes home to bed.

memes wise men 4

Beware of tip-offs

Children must be taken care of. And tonight is hers, it's magic. Telling them that the Kings are, in fact, the parents , can be a key piece of information to cross the threshold of childhood and move on to maturity. But be careful, you have to do it with tact. Some have very bad milk.

memes wise men 5

Flirting at Christmas

Many think that New Year's Eve will finally be the night they flirt. And in the end they end up making the Boromir gesture in The Lord of the Rings. A zero patatero, nothing, a huge and great roscón . Of Kings.

memes wise men 6

For the anxious and greedy

There are those who do not settle for a detail and ask the Magi for everything . Literally everything. From a console to an apartment, to a roll of toilet paper and a subscription to Pronto magazine. Why not ask for EVERYTHING?

memes wise men 7

Conspiracy theory

Not even the Three Wise Men get rid of the friends of the conspiracy ...

memes wise men 8

Beware of confusion

You have to tell the Magi things well explained, because sometimes they can get confused. And, for example, mistaking a tablet for an aspirin blister . What a disgust in the morning ...

memes magi 9

Atheist christmas

Look at this young man, who asked him to disguise himself as a magician and since they don't celebrate those parties at home because… there was a little misunderstanding. Who can blame him for anything? If they say to him 'come dressed as a magician' then he is dressed as a magician. And period. There's nothing more to speak of.

memes wise men 10