20 free school timetable templates in Excel

20 free school timetable templates in Excel

September is the month to return to work, to school or to the institute, to adapt to the schedules of the new annual routine, and to debate again whether to say "September" or "September". Good organization is key so you don't get overwhelmed with the transition from vacation to daily duty. In the case of the school year, this is especially important. New classes, change of teachers, etcetera. It is easy for our children (and even ourselves) to maintain last year's autopilot, and to make mistakes when preparing notes and books for the week. That's why we help you plan the course that comes with these 20 free timetable templates for Excel. In them you can write down everything and know what to do at all times. By the way, we like the classic "September" better, but "September" is just as correct.

Good organization of homework will increase productivity, improve performance, and help make time for everything. In this way, our children will achieve better results with less effort. Homework, extracurricular activities, breakdown of subjects… There is a lot to manage. And if we talk about organization and administration, the solution is called Excel. The main complication is mastering this program like an expert. Therefore, you may be tempted by the idea of ​​making a simple table in Word, but we assure you that cells are much more versatile. Also, we are going to give you everything done.

Microsoft offers school timetable templates for Excel

Making a schedule for school is a very simple task. However, it is easier to find it ready to download. Therefore, Microsoft makes a repository of calendar templates for Excel available to the user on its official website. The first template we recommend is a student calendar with separate tabs for each month. This template is valid for any year, since it allows you to choose it in the first cell. In addition, it has a space to organize the tasks each week. In this other link we have the same template with more spacious and pleasant colors and typography. We always have the possibility to customize everything to our liking, so that it is less difficult to face the daily obligation.

Annual school timetable Monday

Our children are specialists in skipping their homework at school. Tasks that, to make matters worse, increase every year. Therefore, detailed planning seems almost essential. This daily work schedule template is perfect for just that. We would understand that so much control can be a bit overwhelming, but game moments can also be noted. Knowing that the console is playing in the afternoon encourages you to finish your homework as soon as possible. Although planning even leisure games could be gloomy ...

If we are still seduced by the idea of ​​making an affordable table in Word, with Excel we can achieve the same finish. This homework schedule is simple and clean. When you write down the tasks in the list, they will automatically appear on the corresponding sheet.

Excel school homework calendar

Neatness is the key to this other schedule template for courses and classes. For our taste it is a bit austere, but it is true that each user has a different concept of what it means to organize tasks clearly. We can also adapt other schedule templates to our needs. This college schedule is stylish, attractive, and highly functional. Its color coding by priority is a great idea for organizing homework.

Weekly schedule Excel schedule template

Within the Schedules category, Microsoft has a handful of surprises. Here we have one of the templates to organize the school assignments that we liked the most. If we click on "New week", Excel creates a schedule tab to enter homework and keep track of everything we have to do.

Free school timetable template Excel

The versatility of Excel allows you to enter your assignment and class data on a separate sheet . They will automatically be placed on their corresponding day and time. Managing homework is so much easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable with timetable templates like this weekly homework list. We also have an Excel lesson plan that automatically creates time slots. We could add separate slots for recess time, but with weekly templates like this, we save a considerable amount of time.

Weekly task schedule Excel template

We can also combine schedules with a daily task template. In this way, children become more responsible and learn that taking care of the house is everyone's business. In addition, the game time is much more enjoyable, since they have earned it.

It is true that our children need to plan their time to tackle all the tasks at school. But we, as parents, also miss a little help. The beginning of the course is a hell of preparing materials and books, and having everything ready for the first day of class can give us more of a headache . In these cases, Excel also comes to our aid. Here we have a dedicated template to organize the return to school with absolute punctuality. So that nothing is missing.

back to school excel template college

Download free schedules and calendars from other sites

Microsoft's collection of timetable templates for Excel should satisfy anyone, but the web is full of options . The colleagues at ExcelWorld are true Excel masters. They offer tutorials, tips, and templates of all kinds. Of course, they also have a school timetable in Excel in a weekly, clean, accessible and clear format. The format of the weeks is Anglo-Saxon, that is, with Sunday as the first day. If you don't mind assuming this format, Vertex42 has a great schedule template completely free. They also provide us with a simple and useful homework calendar for children. Don't forget that if you don't like something, you can modify it however you want.

english timetable excel template

In WinCalendar we have a collection of timetable templates for school and weekly assignments. Fifteen time formats with all possible day and time settings. Functional and sober, straight to the point. The expert from AyudaExcel also contributes his two cents with calendar templates and schedules in an attractive green color. In addition, on its website we will discover a good handful of tricks and tutorials. With them we can create and customize Excel workbooks at our sole discretion .

But if we are looking for an infallible motivation, nothing better than knowing when there are holidays. The friends of Excelgratis help us in this task, and provide an annual school calendar template. In it, we will be able to write down non-school days and holidays. And when an early riser weakens our strength, we will review the schedule and say "There is less left!"