20 caught "red-handed" by Google Street View (Part 2)


What if I walk around with firearms , what if I spy on the girls who go to the beach ... or I get involved in a battle of Star Wars fans . The point is to give the note ... These are the "daily" activities that Google Street View has captured with its motorized cameras. Curiosities that we have collected in the special of the 20 most notorious caught "red-handed" ...

11) Usual weaponry


Like someone who does not want the thing, this man walks with a firearm down the street . We are in the United States, of course.

12) Geek Battle


Geeks are brewing everywhere . That is why it is not surprising that in the middle of the American green zone , two guys dedicate themselves to recreating science fiction battles . Seeing is believing.

13) Back to prostitution


As we said in the first part, prostitution is a latent reality that Google Street View cameras have also captured . The photo is made in France, although it could represent the problem of any corner of this unfair planet.

14) Smoking on the street


If tobacco is already a lethal murderer for the elderly, we do not even want to imagine how the lungs of these British boys will be , cigarette in hand when leaving school.

15) Pedestrian Anarchy


What will traffic lights and rules matter? This sportsman pedestrian skips the traffic signals in the bullfighting arena . In this case, the traffic light was red ... That is why the car that circulates on the road has to stop.

16) Uncontrolled pedestrians


She is not the protagonist of the advertisement for an expensive perfume or about the trends of the next season . This is none other than a pedestrian walking down a British street without fear for its integrity. And with a bus behind her ...

17) Companion of fatigue


Things are warm in Paris. Perhaps that is why this man walks so enthusiastically with an inflatable doll down the street , as if it were a hunting triumph. Shame, where?

18) Basic needs


These three travelers have not minded being in the middle of a highway . They haven't even seen the Google Street View car go by . All three had basic needs and did not hesitate for a second to get out of their vehicle to alleviate them .

19) The spied spy


He couldn't resist taking a look at the three beach-looking girls and wham, Google Street View took it upon himself to hunt him down. If you can't even spy quietly in this world-Google ...

20) Fire!


That their house is burning! And they so calm, talking about their things in the middle of the street. It seems that the Street View camera caught their attention more than the smell of singe itself ...

Photo by: adambowie / Via: 20 minutes