▷ SeriesDanko no funciona: 10 alternativas para ver series online en 2019

alternatives to seriesdanko does not work

Series Danko, la que fuera una de las páginas más reconocidas en el mundo de Internet para ver series online junto a Pelispedia y Gnula, ha sido bloqueada en España y parte del mundo. A día de hoy SeriesDanko no funciona, y por el camino van apareciendo páginas web que simulan su apariencia y dominio para aprovechar el tirón de la plataforma. La buena noticia es que existen multitud de páginas alternativas a SeriesDanko, y en esta ocasión hemos hecho una recopilación de hasta diez plataformas para ver series.


megadede alternative to pelispedia does not work

Who does not know God, prays to any saint. Megadede is possibly the most complete page to see both series and movies as well as TV shows and documentaries, among other things. In fact, the web has the most extensive catalog of movies and series on the Internet . In Spanish, English and even with Spanish subtitles.

Unlike SeriesDanko, the website requires registration to access its content. We can also use the Megadede application for Android if we want to enter the web without registering previously.

Repelis Plus

repelis plus alternative to pelispedia does not work

Along with Megadede, one of the best alternatives to Series Danko to watch series online. And it is that despite the fact that the main task of the web is to offer films and feature films, the truth is that Repelis Plus has all kinds of series : from classics to the most recent.

The best thing about Repelis, beyond having an Android application comparable to Netflix's, is that much of its content is in HD and Full HD quality , as it has links from Openload, one of the hosting services of video that offers the best quality in 2019.


vidcorn alternative to pelispedia does not work

One of the few web pages that are still active after several domain changes. With a catalog comparable to that of SeriesDanko in terms of series and films, the website has a registration system that we will have to go through if we want to see a certain title .

The bad news about Vidcorn is that it has buttons with a multitude of fake download buttons and windows that pop up when we click anywhere on the page, which is why it is recommended to access with an extension to block ads.

White Series

Page of Spanish origin that, like SeriesDanko and its alternatives, focuses all of its content on series in Spanish, in original version and with Spanish subtitles. No movies or feature films .

Regarding the content of SeriesBlanco, the website has a catalog as immense as that of Series Danko. Like RepelisPlus, most of the series are hosted on Openload, so we can enjoy HD and Full HD content without having to register on the platform.


seriez alternative to pelispedia does not work

A recently created page that, in addition to being one of the best alternatives to SeriesDanko to watch series, has a large number of classic and premiere films , so we will not have to resort to third-party pages.

As far as series is concerned, SerieZ has all kinds of documentaries, television shows and latest wave series, in addition to the most popular titles. Unfortunately, the stability of the web leaves a lot to be desired due to the constant blockages by the telephone operators.

Cat Series

One of the best pages to watch series in 2019 if SeriesDanko does not work. And it is that in addition to having a catalog as large as that of the aforementioned website, it has a multitude of films and documentaries .

The website also has a section dedicated to the world of Marvel where all the content related to action superheroes is compiled: movies, series ... Unfortunately, the site has a fairly high number of advertising, which is why we will have to resort to a third party extension.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time alternative to pelispedia does not work

If ours are the applications to watch series online, Popcorn Time takes the cake.

Unlike the vast majority of applications, Popcorn Time bases its content on torrent links that are hosted within the application itself . Thus, all you have to do is click on the series, film or documentary shown in the catalog and it will automatically begin to download to broadcast its broadcast live, without cuts and without advertising.

Unfortunately, much of its content is in English, although we can add subtitles if we wish. It has an official application for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows .



As the name suggests, FreeFlix is ​​the free alternative to Netflix. In fact, its interface is very similar to that of the latter.

In addition to having an Android application, it is compatible with Mac and Windows computers . With countless series and documentaries, FreeFlix has an extensive catalog that ranges from cult movies to Japanese anime and dramas.

Best of all, it is compatible with Google Chromecast , so we can broadcast content to our television without the need for a wired connection.


Continuing with the list of alternatives to SeriesDanko to watch series and movies online, it's the turn of Kodi, an application that works very similar to Popcorn.

Although the main purpose of the application is to offer an entire multimedia environment, Kodi has a multitude of sources that allow us to watch series, movies and documentaries classified by title . It is also possible to watch TV channels from other countries, as well as live radio stations.

Since the application is oriented for devices that connect to television, it does not have any type of inserted advertising . In addition, it is compatible with both Android and iOS as well as Windows and macOS.


Application similar in operation to Kodi that bases its content on third-party sources to add series, movies and TV shows , which we can add from the application itself.

In addition to having an application for Windows and Mac, it is compatible with Android and iOS mobiles . It is also compatible with Chromecast if we want to broadcast the content live to our television.