A collection of 20 mandala drawings to download and color these days

mandalas coloring draw 2020

The coronavirus crisis has caused half the world to retreat into comfort? from their homes. During the last days we have compiled several activities to carry out to kill time during the remaining two weeks of confinement. Exercising at home, watching some of the latest Netflix releases, learning to code… Another no less valid way to pass the time is to color mandalas, a resource originally used to “meditate and calm the spirit”, according to some Indian traditions and Tibetans. This time we have compiled several drawings of mandalas to download and color .

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  • Animal Mandalas Coloring Pages
  • Skull mandalas to draw
  • Adult mandalas to print
  • Mandalas to color difficult
  • Mandalas for kids to color

Animal Mandalas Coloring Pages

Animal mandalas are perfect for coloring with children, although they are also ideal if we are adults and want to spend some time coloring shapes and lines.

AdobeStock_104418213-1024 × 768

This turtle drawing, for example, is ideal for those looking for a difficult mandala to color . Due to the small size of the parts of the drawing, it is best to use felt-tip pens or pencils.


This other mandala wolf is more complex even than the turtle one. Again we will have to resort to markers or fine-tipped pencils to achieve the best possible result given the size of the areas that make it up.


If we opt for a somewhat simpler but equally entertaining mandala, this other dolphin mandala is ideal for the little ones in the house . It is not overly complex and the areas are large enough to achieve a good result.


A perfect mandala for both children and seniors is this dog mandala. Due to its shape, it can be colored with thick-tipped markers , although it involves a point of difficulty in certain areas of the dog's face.

Mandalas-coloring-easy-71-870 × 1024

The last option that we propose is this other owl mandala. It is not very complex either, although we will have to combine markers of different thicknesses to obtain a satisfactory result .

Skull mandalas to draw

The famous Mexican skulls, a tradition that has gone on for several hundred years, are perfect to portray in a mandala. The skull that we can see below, for example, is very simple to make due to the size of its areas and the diversity of shapes that the drawing presents.

A collection of 20 drawings of mandalas to download and color these days 1

If we opt for a somewhat more complete skull mandala, the one we leave below may be worth it. It is a woman's skull with traditional Mexican ornaments and clothing , such as the flower hat or the star.A collection of 20 drawings of mandalas to download and color these days 2

And if we are looking for a somewhat simpler mandala , this mandala by Frida Kahlo , the famous Mexican artist, is quite subtle as well as complete.

A collection of 20 drawings of mandalas to download and color these days 3

Adult mandalas to print

If we are looking for a somewhat more general theme, with different motifs and less childish designs and a medium complexity, these mandalas for adults are perfect. An example of this is this dreamcatcher mandala with flowers and feathers.


This other mandala is somewhat simpler than the previous one, although equally attractive if what we are looking for is a somewhat more strident aesthetic. Depending on the colors we use we can give it a psychedelic effect .


This giraffe mandala is also quite complex due to the fine lines that accompany the circumference that surrounds the animal . Perfect for framing if we know what colors to use.


A somewhat simpler mandala is this one that we can see below. It is a figure with floral motifs and different shapes that simulate a crown , which makes it a perfect mandala for older people, as its shapes are not very complex either.


If we are looking for a mandala similar to the latter but with a somewhat higher level of complexity, the one that we can see below meets these two maxims perfectly. Be careful, it is not for all audiences , since its fine lines and areas can make it difficult to color certain shapes of the figure.


Mandalas to color difficult

Tired of easy to draw mandalas? We have compiled some of the most difficult mandalas to color that we have been able to find on the Internet and that will undoubtedly help us to avoid the current situation for a few hours.

unicorn-mandalas-for-adults2-1024 × 773

This unicorn mandala is, both in size and complexity of shape, quite difficult to complete. In fact, we will have to limit ourselves to resorting to fine markers to obtain a valid result.

Flower mandala

A somewhat simpler mandala is this one with flowers and various geometric shapes . It is not the most complex of all but it will take us a few hours to complete it due to its size and number of shapes present.


Finally, this last mandala stands out for being complex as well as complete and quite difficult due to its fine lines and small areas. It is not a mandala recommended for all audiences, especially if we do not have the appropriate material.

Mandalas for kids to color

Now that quarantine has been established as mandatory, drawing mandalas is probably the way to entertain the little ones in the house.


This frog mandala is simple as well as fun. It does not require very fine pencils , so we can complete it with relative ease. Even simpler is this other apple mandala, ideal for infants who still do not have enough control and strength in their hands.

A collection of 20 drawings of mandalas to download and color these days 4

A somewhat more complex mandala is this one with unicorns and hearts , also compatible with boys and girls at very young ages.

A collection of 20 drawings of mandalas to download and color these days 5

Last but not least, this other mandala symbolizing friendship and brotherhood among equals can help us send a positive message to our children, which is so well needed in these times.

A collection of 20 drawings of mandalas to download and color these days 6