Vodafone customer service: phone, contact and support email


The best way to solve any problem with your operator is by calling their customer service number. They all offer a free service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , because the truth is that when it comes to using mobile phones, landlines, television or the Internet connection, problems often arise. And you have to find someone on the other side who can solve them.

Are you looking for a customer service number to contact Vodafone? If this is your case, you are in the right place. Because below, we will offer you all the customer service phone numbers, as well as addresses, forms and other means from which you can answer your questions.


Vodafone customer service phone numbers

They say from Vodafone that they solve the problems of their clients in the first call in 95% of the cases. Be that as it may, if you have any problem you will have to go to their customer service numbers , both for companies and individuals. They are as follows:


  • Customer service : 123 (from a Vodafone mobile)
  • Information for individuals who are not yet customers : 1444 (from any operator)
  • Claims : 607 12 30 00
  • Technical support for data service : 22155

Technical assistance is offered here to receive information about an ADSL or fiber line registration, to report incidents about Vodafone's ADSL or fiber services or to obtain technical assistance on Android, iOS, BlackBerry devices or USB modem.

Freelancers and companies

  • Customer service : 122 (from a Vodafone mobile)
  • Procedures made from the online store : 900 649 143
  • Technical Support : 22555
  • Claims : 607 12 30 00

Contact Vodafone by email

There is another thing you can do to resolve your issues . And it is to contact Vodafone customer service by email. You currently have this address at your disposal, to which you can send your questions: [email protected].

You can also use the My Vodafone service to fill out a form and send it to the operator's customer service team. To do this, logically, you will have to be a Vodafone customer. 


Send a claim by post to Vodafone

Vodafone, like all operators, makes a claims service available to its customers, which you can contact by post. The address is as follows:

Vodafone Spain, SAU

Avenida de América, 115

Madrid (28042), Spain

Other Vodafone customer service services

The company also offers different customer service platforms and self-management for customers. We provide you with the links to access them:

  • Individuals: //ayudacliente.vodafone.es/particulares/contacta
  • Autonomous: //ayudacliente.vodafone.es/autonomos/contacta/
  • Companies: //ayudacliente.vodafone.es/empresas/contacta/

Contact Vodafone through social networks

If you ask your question through the main social networks in which Vodafone is present , you can also get a response from their agents. You have the following options:

  • Facebook Vodafone
  • Twitter Vodafone
  • Instagram Vodafone

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