PC by pieces or one already assembled: advantages and disadvantages

PC by pieces or one already assembled its advantages and disadvantages

The computer has become an indispensable tool in the daily life and in the work of many people. Faced with this situation, many users are considering acquiring a piece of equipment in order to be able to customize it to the maximum, and thus get the best features for each euro invested. In this post we explain the advantages and disadvantages of a computer by parts compared to a pre-assembled one .

A PC by pieces gives you better benefits for every euro invested

Computer components have unified interfaces and specifications, making it very easy to find information and tutorials on how to easily assemble a computer. Therefore, building a PC in pieces is not a difficult task . However, building a computer is a task that requires time, patience and some basic knowledge.

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On the other hand, in the case of predesigned computers, also known as branded computers, we avoid having to spend time assembling the different components. You just go to the store and take home a ready-to-wear kit. The downside is that we will be obtaining lower benefits and lower quality for each euro invested.

Manufacturers of branded computers need human resources for the assembly and testing of the equipment. This is many hours of wages that must be paid, and this inevitably affects the price of the equipment. Computers assembled by parts eliminate this part of the cost, you will simply be paying only for the parts you buy.

Another important point is that pre-assembled computers include Windows installed and activated with a Microsoft license. These licenses are not free, so you will also be paying for it in the price of the PC.

At this point, it is clear that a pre-assembled computer will always have worse specifications than a computer for parts of the same price . The price difference to achieve the same level of performance and quality is very small in entry-level equipment, but it has become bigger and bigger as you get closer to the high-end.

In other words, between a pre-assembled PC for 500 euros and another for parts of the same price, the difference in quality and performance will be small. If we go to teams of 2000 euros, the difference will be much greater.

Computers by pieces win by a landslide in customization options

Custom computers are very flexible in terms of specifications , as you can select each component based on your needs. The variety of components is very large, so the combinations are almost endless, and it is very difficult for two computers assembled by parts to be the same.

Manufacturers of pre-assembled computers also offer a fairly varied catalog, but it is far from the immense variety that a custom computer can offer you piece by piece.

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It is very common to find pre-assembled computers that are unbalanced . Very powerful processors are often put together, along with an entry-level graphics card and a poor quality power supply. This is done to keep the price tight while presuming to include a large component, such as the last processor on duty.

Not to mention marketing , highlighting some specifications that are not relevant, and hiding others that are critical.

The pre-assembled equipment passes demanding quality controls

So far it seems that piecemeal computers win by a landslide, but not everything is pink. Imagine that you buy all the parts you need and manage to assemble the whole set without difficulties.

Happier than a child with a new toy you connect your new PC to the electrical current and press the power button. You wait a few seconds and… Houston we have a problem . Monitor screen looks black, new PC shows no signs of life.

The first thing you do is check all the connections, everything seems correct but the PC still does not work. So you think that some component is faulty, but which of them? Without replacement parts to check it can be very difficult to tell what is wrong. The motherboard, the power supply, the graphics card, the processor ... there are many parts that can give the same symptoms.

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How do you solve the problem? You can contact the store (and you must), they will surely accept that you send them the PC to check it, but you will have to bear the shipping costs of the entire computer, and you will be a few days without being able to use it.

This does not happen with pre-assembled computers , or it is much more difficult to happen. All of them are tested after being assembled so they leave the assembly workshop working perfectly. If it arrives broken it is because it has been hit in the transport, in the store or wherever.

Buying a brand-name PC ensures that when you get home and plug it in, it will run smoothly.

Which you should choose: PC by pieces or PC pre-assembled?

PC by pieces or one already assembled: advantages and disadvantages 1

As we have seen, both options have their advantages and disadvantages so we cannot give a winner. If you are an advanced user with good knowledge, surely a PC by parts will be the best option for you.

On the contrary, if you do not have knowledge or do not have time to assemble your own computer, the best solution is surely to buy an already assembled computer. When you get home you will only have to connect it to your monitor to start using it. And if you have a problem, you can go to the store and they will take care of everything.

This is like food, you can prepare it yourself or you can buy it ready to eat, it all depends on the situation, time and knowledge.

What is your opinion? Do you think it is better to buy a computer by parts or one already assembled and ready to use? You can leave your opinion in the comments to help the rest of our readers.

Image source: MSI