How to activate a Netflix gift card or promo code

How to activate a Netflix gift card or promo code

Do you have a Netflix gift card? If the Kings or Santa Claus have been generous with you and have given you a Netflix gift card or promotional voucher , you can start enjoying it now. Although first you will have to activate it by accessing the service. Luckily it is very easy.

Just make sure you have your Netflix promotional voucher or gift card on hand (either in digital or paper format) to be able to do the management immediately and have the money that you have been given entered into your Netflix account. 


How to activate a Netflix promotional voucher or gift card

If you have been given a card or have a promotional voucher, you most likely have a Netflix card in your hand, with an indicated amount. The one that indicates the value of your gift and the number of months that you can continue to subscribe to the content platform for free. This will depend, in any case, on the modality you choose.

But what do I have to do to activate it? The first thing, sign up for Netflix. If you have not yet registered on this platform, you will need to enter your information in the registration form. You can directly access this link, with which you can also enjoy a month of Netflix for free . You will have to enter your credit card, in case you decide to continue subscribing later, even if you are going to enter the promotional code for the gift card. If you are already registered with Netflix, all you have to do is log in with your username and password.

The next thing will be to access the Account section, within Netflix. You can do this by clicking on the top right of the page and you will instantly see all the subscription and billing information linked to your account. Here you will also find the associated credit or debit card number, plan details and a specific box to redeem a gift card or promo code. 

Look for the promo code on your card. If it is physical, you will have to scratch it with a coin and from there, insert it. Enter it in the box and click on the Redeem button .

When you click the button, the system will indicate the amount of your gift and from there, the account to which you can apply the discount will be indicated. If you have another account, you can also access it from here. You just have to give the option Apply to a different account .


The amount will be added to your account and can be applied in the next billing period. This means that from now on, and until the amount of the gift card is used up, you will be able to enjoy the service for free. The balance will be deducted month by month and you will get an estimate of the time you have left until you pay the normal fee again.


If you would like to make any other query about the balance you still have available, you can easily do so from this same section. Click on Billing information to see all the information regarding your plan. From here you also have the option to update your payment information. The card number, in fact, will always be included in your account , in case at any time it is necessary to make a charge, beyond the first month of trial and the gift card that you have inserted.