70 free online courses to train during quarantine

Free online courses

The unprecedented quarantine that we are experiencing is generating many solidarity initiatives on the part of companies. Making its free services available to all citizens. On this occasion, it is the human resources company Adecco, which has launched a platform with 70 free online courses for the next two months . They are undoubtedly a great opportunity to train during quarantine and expand the academic profile.

In today's competitive world, being well trained is essential. The problem is often taking time while we are working or studying. However, this is a unique occasion to dedicate our time during the quarantine to train ourselves in what we want , and in what we lacked to continue completing our professional profile. And if we can do it for free, much better. Next, we show you what this proposal consists of and how you can access it.

Training during quarantine with free online courses

The spread of the coronavirus around the world is causing a forced quarantine, generating a major economic crisis. Most companies have had to do a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) , so that many workers are at home with more free time than they would have ever imagined. It is for this reason that there is an increasing offer of online training. The Adecco group platform has left its catalog of online courses open. It is an excellent opportunity especially for people who need to acquire new skills and are looking for employment.

How to access 70 free online courses

The 70 training programs of the HR company are divided into 9 thematic blocks. Until now, these online courses have been marketed to companies , so that workers can complete their training and acquire new skills. Exceptionally now they are free and you can access them through their platform.

Once inside the main page it is necessary to fill in a form to register . This step is essential to access the training program. Next, they send you a message to the email you have indicated. Notifying you that in the next few hours you will receive an invitation to activate your account.

Free online courses Registration

The email that arrives from acceptance is from GoodHabitz , which is the platform on which all the courses are found. In this same email you perform the activation and a page opens for you to finalize your personal data.


Once the account is activated, you will be able to directly access the GoodHabitz platform. You will find yourself with training in various subjects that cover various sections: digital skills, communication, personal skills, positive leadership, business development, team management, languages, productivity, well-being and safety.

goodhabitz online courses

Operation of online courses

When you access one of these free online courses, you will find a description of the course and an informative video as soon as you enter. In the same window you can see the different units that the course has and the name of each of them. They show you what are the objectives to develop and the different types of materials for you to prepare the subject, through videos, presentations, story boards, practical cases, tests, etc. Each topic has its own teaching materials . Something that is very useful is that in each of these courses the information of your progress appears, to know by the unit in which you have stayed and the resources that you have taken advantage of.

Online marketing course

In the same window you can see everything, so that you can easily navigate through the different units. You can go over it all the times you need, and at the end of each syllabus you have a final test in which they inform you what you should be prepared for now. For example, in the Social Media Marketing course you must know the different social media platforms, have content creation skills and know how to interact correctly with your followers. The final test is used to know how much you have learned throughout the course with the available material, and for this you must correctly answer 25 questions. When you mark the correct answer, you automatically go to the next question. At any time you can go back and change the answer. Keep in mind that it is about learning and by taking the test you can also clarify your knowledge. This is the general operation for all the courses on this platform.

Marketing test course

This method of learning different skills and abilities is designed especially for companies, with the intention that their employees continue to be trained flexibly and as easily as possible . With them you can design your own learning journey. The interface makes the whole process didactic, dynamic and done in addition to learning to enjoy.

Job search and help guides

Another resource that this HR company provides is a series of guides to prepare you to seek employment. It includes recommendations on what to consider when looking for employment during and after quarantine. It also offers a checklist on: taking care of health and image, setting objectives, defining goals, creating attractive professional profiles on social networks, exploring offers and preparing the Curriculum Vitae.

All these resources are totally free to take advantage of these two months. Faced with the situation that is being experienced, in which many jobs are in danger, we have no choice but to prepare and train during this free time that we have. It is a good opportunity to expand our work skills and thus have a more complete and productive professional profile. In this platform that we have proposed, you already have 70 free online courses for you to choose the ones that suit you best.