The 5 best websites with resources for students


The way we study has changed, this is a fact. And January is a great time to dip into some of the best student resource sites , as high school students have just started their course and college students will start preparing for their next exams. We are going to make a list of the 5 best websites to help you with your studies , so that you use the Internet in a practical and appropriate way, becoming the best tool you can get. They are the best way to prepare for an exam and bring your subjects up to date. We wanted to do without some that are basic but already known to all, such as Wikipedia or the official website of the RAE.

01. Potato Brava


Under this unique name is a community of Spanish speakers who share teaching material for almost any subject you are studying or on which you want to delve into, either to have a little more culture or for simple pleasure. In addition, it is an active forum for university students in which numerous tips are given about the life of the student: how to organize the cleaning of a student apartment , tips to organize a good student party (not everything is going to be studying ... Although almost ) and even a list of the most ingenious phrases that teachers have released in the middle of class.

02. Didactalia


A website completely in Spanish that serves as audiovisual support for students and teachers from kindergarten to high school. Lessons can be supplemented with diagrams, diagrams, text and documentary videos linked directly from YouTube. With Didactalia you can watch a documentary about Julius Caesar's campaigns or learn more about invertebrate animals.

03. I don't stop


A page of the Government of Spain to provide tools to the student who wants to expand their borders and study abroad . I do not stop is a project of the European Institutions in Spain and the Secretary of State for the EU to facilitate the mobility of Spanish students to other areas of the European Community, transmitting all the necessary information on available funds and student programs , as well as what is necessary, too, to work outside our country, something that the crisis has greatly promoted in recent times.

04. Castilian

the Castilian

The indispensable page for any lover of letters, writer in the Spanish language and student of Hispanic philology, as well as an essential tool for high school and high school students. ElCastellano is a complete manual in which all the doubts that are had regarding one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world are resolved. It has a consultation section, an etymological dictionary , a compilation section with essential manuals (María Moliner , RAE, panhispanic of doubts, and one dedicated to the word of the day, through which we will travel until the very birth of the words, discovering meanings and roots thereof.

05. eMath


If you are a high school student and math is hell for you, this is your page. It offers a multitude of mathematical problems classified according to the school year, as well as a couple of quite practical categories with student notes and specialized games to develop a taste for mathematics. In addition, the explanations can be seen in both text and video.

So you know, go hard with these websites with resources for students and for the next one, Enrollment!