Is it good to use CCleaner on Windows 10?

It is good to use CCleaner in Windows 10

CCleaner is the most used cleaning application on Windows. This tool helps us clean junk files from our hard drive, as well as eliminate errors from the Windows registry to make it work better. Is it good to use CCleaner on Windows 10? We answer the eternal question.

This question arises mainly due to a security problem that affected CCleaner in 2017 , when a virus was introduced that forced Windows to be reinstalled to remove it, undoubtedly a dark episode in the passage of this application. However, the problem was quickly resolved and has not occurred again to date. A problem that could have happened in any other application.

CCleaner File Cleaner

It is the most important function of CCleaner, it will analyze our hard drive in search of files that are useless and that can be deleted. It also allows you to clear the cache of browsers, as well as the recycle bin. It is a good way to free up some GB of your hard drive.

A nice feature, but is it a must? Windows 10 already brings its own hard drive cleaning tool . We can do a quick comparison between the two to see if there are big differences.

It is good to use CCleaner in Windows 10 2It is good to use CCleaner in Windows 10 3

We can see that there are differences, in this case in favor of the Windows 10 tool . It is clear that CCleaner is not essential, at least at this point. The situation gets worse for CCleaner if we see in the advanced options of the Windows tool, which seems to win by a landslide in this regard.

Windows cleaner is just as effective as CCleaner or even more , plus it is much more integrated into the operating system

CCleaner Registry Cleanup

Registry cleaning is another of CCleaner's lauded features. This utility will take care of removing obsolete entries from the Windows registry, reducing their weight and making the system work better , at least in theory. At this point Windows 10 does not offer us any alternative, so we cannot make a comparison.

What I can say is that personally I have never seen a significant difference in my PC after using this function , if the PC was slow before using it it continued to work just as slow after using it. In any case we will be good and suppose that if it improves the performance of Windows somewhat.

It is good to use CCleaner on Windows 10 4

Management of browser plugins

CCleaner also allows us to manage the plugins installed in the browsers , something that we can do from the browsers themselves, so it doesn't really add anything either.

Final conclusion

CCleaner is a tool that can be useful to clean the Windows registry, it is difficult to say if it really does something or not to improve the functioning of our PC, but it does not seem to cause problems in its use. Perhaps in a PC that has not been maintained for many years if we could see a significant difference between before use and after.

Regarding its role as a PC hard drive cleaner, we have seen how Windows 10 itself offers us a more advanced tool capable of freeing up a greater amount of space. It is true that the CCleaner cleaner includes more advanced options that we have not activated, but they are not aimed at the common user and its activation is not recommended if you do not know what it does. This means that the Windows 10 cleanup tool is much more effective all other things being equal than CCleaner .

CCleaner can be useful for cleaning the Windows registry, but it doesn't make much sense if you want to clean your hard drive of junk files. In any case, its use is shown as safe, so you should not have problems using the tool either.