10 video tutorials to learn how to use Photoshop on YouTube

10 video tutorials to learn how to use Photoshop on YouTube

There are tutorials that are not very useful. However, there are others that can be tremendously useful to you . Either to do your job better or to carry out different tasks in a more efficient way. Photoshop is a mythical program, which you will take advantage of if you need to make designs or retouch images.

But if you have never used it before, it is very possible that using Photoshop seems super complicated at first . You will need a teacher to start mastering the different tools. Although if you do not have someone with patience by your side, you can also look for a good tutorial on YouTube.

There are them for almost all actions and adapted to all levels. So if you are a beginner, you shouldn't worry. Today we have proposed to find up to ten tutorials on YouTube to learn step by step how Photoshop works . Do not be confused: they are all good and will help you to enter this world of photo editing and design with ease. Guaranteed!

1. Take the first steps in Photoshop

As the creator of this tutorial indicates, immersing yourself in Photoshop can take years and years of dedication . So the best you can do is focus on the main functions. To get started, we recommend that you take a look at a tutorial like this one, in which the author introduces the tools that are used most often.

You will start with an overview of the program and continue with countless tips, tricks and hints on how the user interface works. The language used by its creator is flat and easy to understand, so it is difficult for you to get lost during the tutorial. In any case, as it is a YouTube video, you will always have the opportunity to go back.

2. Photoshop for beginners

If you've never seen Photoshop, this video can be great too. Because its author starts from scratch with the explanations about the program. It starts with the interface first and then continues with the more specific functions of the program, including the menus and configuration options.

If you want to keep learning, you will have to keep watching and listening to the advice that this author offers, chapter by chapter. You will see that its language is very entertaining, that the tutorial is very well done and that it is easy to understand everything the first time.

3. The layers

We wanted to continue with a second episode by the same author, because it is a central theme of Photoshop. We talk about the layers. If you've ever used this program or been told something about it, you may well have heard something about layering .

It is an easy concept to understand and handle, but first you have to know what exactly it consists of, because in this way you will understand a fundamental part of how Photoshop works. If you have never worked in layers, it is possible that at first everything sounds like Chinese. But you'll see that you get the hang of it right away.

4. Photoshop more fun

If you're going to learn Photoshop this summer, you might want to hear a slightly funnier, more humorous Photoshop teacher. In that case, you may need to watch these types of videos. Mr. Phillip Art offers tutorials to learn to draw in Photoshop , which you can do more comfortably with a Wacom-type pen and tablet or similar.

The author of the video explains how Photoshop works well, so if you like the youtuber style, here is a video, followed by an interesting collection of recordings, to learn about this program step by step.

5. Layers and blending modes

This youtuber is dedicated to creating different videos to teach novice users to use Photoshop, but with a fun and casual style. If it doesn't make you too nervous, you can stick with it. In this second video, which we also found very interesting, it explains how layers work (as we have already indicated, a basic one within Photoshop) and the blending modes.

6. Very easy tricks for Photoshop

You may not be a complete beginner and already have some understanding of how Photoshop works . However, you will soon realize that one never knows enough about this program. So a few extra tricks to learn a little more never hurt.

If you draw in digital and want to make your experience on board Photoshop more efficient, you have to watch this video. In this one, the author offers us some tricks that are very easy, but if you don't know them, they will make your life a little more complicated with the Adobe program. 

7. Basic tips on Photoshop

It is possible that you have used Photoshop at some time or that you are learning the operation of the program, but that at some point you have certain gaps about certain functions or tools. Don't worry: what you need is a video that includes the most basic tips about Photoshop: a quick review of everything you shouldn't forget and that will help you start using the program with ease. 

8. Cut out objects and photos

It's probably something you need to do often. How many times have you needed to remove a person or an object from a photo? Well, the bungling is over. Photoshop allows you to do it , although the procedure has its substance. It is likely that it will cost you a lot at first, but if you follow these tips, the results you get with your images can give a lot, but a lot, it hits.

9. Remove the background from an image

If you have not been very clear how to cut objects or people, you can also watch this video. In this, its author explains how to remove the background from an image. Through the video you will obtain information about the different tools, which will allow you to achieve a good final result. That is not easy!

10. Add noise and textures to the image

We finish with a last tutorial that we found very interesting, especially for those who want to obtain more worked and professional results. It's about adding noise and textures to images . It is not an easy task, so we recommend you pay special attention to this video. The end result can be impressive.